Biwiring and Def Tech Towers?

What configuration of connections and jumpers do you recommend with MIT Terminator T2 biwire (speaker end with two pairs of wires marked "high" and "low" respectively) and Def Tech BP 2000 tower speakers with binding posts marked "high," "mid," and "low" and a separate line in for the powered sub woofer? I want to biwire with the sub and without the power sub to see what works best.
Jwong, I have the BP3000tl speakers, and according to the manufacturer provided info they say, "If you want absolutely the ulimate hook-up method, this is it. Simply remove all gold jumpers on the speakers and run separate sets of speaker cable to the mid and high terminals of each speaker as described under bi-wiring as well as a separate RCA low-level cable from a left or right channel low-level output on your receiver, pre-amp, or decoder into the full range low-level input... Remember, when using this low-level subwoofer input, there should never be any or jumper connected to either of the 5-way binding posts labeled "low" on either speaker." IN BOLD, "In order to achieve optimum performance, maintain perfect driver blending and take full advantage of the benefits of having true stereo subwoofers, it is important, if you are using low level "Left or Right Full Range Inputs" to drive the subwoofers, that you use full range left and right channel low level signals to feed these inputs, NOT, repeat, NOT subwoofer output signals." There you go. Personally, I don't like using Y-connectors, maybe I'm superstitous, but I feel that it lends to signal degradation. Not only that, but My set-up is 50/50 music/ht so I bi-wire connecting at Low and at High with the jumpers left in place connecting mid and high. Then, with separate left and right sub outputs, I run my sub cable to the "Optional LFE in". Again, maybe I'm crazy not wanting to use Y-connectors, you gotta think Def. Tech. knows more about their own product than I do, but I'm happy. Good Luck
I got responses from MIT, Def Tech and you folks. Thanks. Everyone consistently said: no jumpers if I use the line level in for the sub and the "low" marked pair of wires on the MIT T2 can be plugged into the "mid" posts of the Def Tech. Last night I triwired with the MIT's "high" to the "high" post, "low" to the "mid" post on the Def Tech, and line level direct from the Denon AVR 5600 pre amp out to the Def Tech. Nothing blew up. Thanks for everyone's generosity. Very good sound but I understand you can't make a Volvo station wagon act like a BMW but boy this sounds nice.