biwire w/just one amp output?

I have a stereo amp (Naim Nait 5i) with just one speaker set output. I'm building up cables for my Paradigm Studio-20s. Would I gain anything by bi-wiring? It doesnt not have A+B outputs so they would share the same output stage.

Not sure if it's worth it.

Even with A+B outputs, they would be sharing the same output stage. It is a stereo amp and has only 2 amp channels.

In any case, no need for it but you can try it if you are curious and decide for yourself.

Use one better set of cables and GOOD jumpers, Cardas makes some that aren't too high but sound good. I find that wiring to the high end and jumping to the bass sounds better. Always did it the other way before, but try it both ways, they don't sound the same.
you would avoid using jumpers.
same way you can cut more isolation on your speaker wire and thread it through both speaker binding posts. thus you'll have a 'homogeneous' connection.
If you want to do this it would be easier to open the back of the speaker and wire both to the same set of posts.
How is, opening the back of a speaker and rewiring the XO, easier than what Marakanetz suggested? Just curious.
I don't want to mess around inside the amp. I think I will just go with single cable w/jumper. The speakers come with gold-plated metal jumper brackets. Are cable jumpers any better?