Biwire to Single???

I recently read a post here from a guy who modified the internal wiring in his bi-wire speakers to accept one set of terminals only, is this recommended or even safe thanks for the comments mike
You would be completing the circut with the internal wires instead of the jumper plate. It should be a better connection, though as Sam noted in that thread it may (most likely will) void the warrenty on your speakers. I just stripped 3" on the ends of my single run of Kimber Kables and ran the bare wire through the LF terminal and on up to the HF terminal (took out the jumber plates) and it sounds better than the plates. The internal method would eliminate one more connection.
How about running a pair of silver jumpers from the HF terminal to the LF terminal? You can buy 2 feet of 10 gauge, or 3 feet of 12 gauge wire for $8.95, from a jewelry supply house. You would only need a few inches in total. You could even buy teflon insulation if desired, but it would not be necessary. You warranty would remain intact, and your sound would be MUCH better than ANY brass jumper would afford.