Biwire speakers. Better or not?

How does everyone feel about biwiring speakers? Is it better or does it matter on the speaker itself? Will be using PSB Stratus Gold speakers. Thanks for your help!
There are speakers that sound good and some that don't. Whether they are biwire or not is not a factor. There are good and bad speakers of both types,

Remember also that what sounds good to you is what is important. The opinion of others is secondary even if helpful.

If the speakers were designed for biwire and the manufacturer recommends it, then it is probably the way to go. If you did decide just to use jumpers between the two pairs of terminals along with non-biwire cables, then use good quality jumpers.
With both my Energy and B&W speakers, bi-wiring sounded noticably better than jumpers. But the previous poster is correct - some sound better than others. If you can, borrow some cables from a local dealer and try it with your own speaks.
There are many, many threads on biwiring. You might want to check the archives. The answer is, it depends. Some manufacturers claim you must biwire, other say it's a good idea, and others say it's crazy. It depends on your set up. I'd try it and see if you notice a difference. Otherwise, why spend the money?
I always biwired when it was available. If you do, after switching/comparing, then right away start doing the same with speaker cables ... that'll keep you busy for a lifetime. Do what Sugarbrie suggests ... if you like what you're hearing, then enjoy it without letting doubt creep in ... too often!