Biwire speaker cables for Maggie/Bryston/Melos

Looking for suggestions on what speaker cables would work well with Maggie 3.6R, Bryston 7 monos and Melos Maestro ?
Need a biwire pair no longer than 6 foot.
Any ideas? Have heard that Analysis Plus Oval 9 and 12, Synergistic Research and Acoustic Zen are contenders.
I would try the AP Oval 9 versus the Oval 12 bi-wires. I recently sold my bi-wire 12's in favour of HT Pro 9+ single wires and HT jumpers. Better with my 4B-ST and 1.5's. Would have like to have tried the 9's but couldn't lay my hands on a cheap pair.
I have the 3.6's with a Classe CA-400 and LS-15. At firt I had double runs of AP Oval 9. But I was having problem with getting the 3.6's to go as low as possible. I tried a non biwire MIT 770 that I use with Thiel 5i's. The bass improved dramatically, but the airy highs were gone. So I biwired with the 770's for the bass and Oval 9 for the highs. It actually worked out quite well. You can also search over at the Audio Asylum in the planar forum.