BiWire Speaker Cables for Aerial 10t

Any suggestion on type of bi-wire speaker cables that will make the Aerial 10t sing?
I just purchased a pair of Nordost Blue Haven Rev. II for my 10Ts. These were recommended by my dealer as the best bi-wire cables for the Aerials. I can honestly say he was correct. Better than the MIT, Audio Quest, and Kimber cables I demoed at home over the past two months. They have great detail, super fast, and the bass is tighter.
Check into the Acoustic Zen cables
Gih526;how much was the set? I have Syn. Research,but I know there is a whole lot more to making these speakers sing;beyond the speaker cabeling.I'm enroling my speakers at Julliard next year.
I chose the XLO internal Bi-wire. XLO will make virtually any configurtion wire you want.

When I switched from the high-end Monster Cable, my listening level when from -30db to -40db (a dramatic improvement), leaving more headroom within my amp.
Perry; old post,but glad I revisited for and update.Sold my Sy.RE. - Got Analis + / and the jumpers. Who would have thought that 1/3 the price has outdone my previous best(I could afford)champion.
PSC Audio Pristine R50 Silver Alloy. Based on Larry Greenhill of Stereophile Magazine and the Recommended Components List for the last 3 years, I purchased these cables. I'm in bliss with my Aerial 10t/AR VT200 combination. I even purchased the Pristine R30 Balanced cables for the rest of my equipment. Hard to find a dealer, but worth it.