Biwire speaker cable advice, please

I have Luminous Audio Technolgy Prestige 6' external biwires that sound pretty good, though I've tried no others yet. Budget is ~500 or less, used is fine, I can use spades or bananas. I could braid some CAT 5 on the cheap, but a finished cable would be easier on the old digits. The current rig:

G&D Ref 1 xport, Genesis Lens, Timbre TT1 dac, Electrocompaniet 4.7 pre, Bel Canto Celio [50 watt Class A solid state] amp, Impact Technology Ventos.

In advance, many thanks to all for your good counsel.
Try Audioquest Granite, Gibraltar, or Caldera. Each are bi-wire configured, and you should be able to find them on audiogon used or as demos. I've seen some really good deals on them recnetly. They are listed from lowest to highest in price. I'm confident there is no equall for the price.
LAT International SS-1000 D Bi-wire - $331 for 6ft. 45 day trial period.
I'm unfamiliar with your equipment, but I have used both Goertz and Tara bi-wire on Ref 3A's with ARC and Aloia gear with excellant results. Both well under $500.00 and a bunch better than the CAT 5 DIY. Good Listening, Roger
Zu Cable Julian speaker cables in a Biwire configuration are great in your price range. If you really want their best, get the WAX speaker cables, they are not Biwire, but they will make jumper cables from the same wire for your speaker posts. I upgraded to these and am very impressed.


If you want to see my further reviews on both these cables, check out the Zu forum at or check out directly.

Note they have a pair of WAX up for auction here, and it ends later today