Biwire Speaker cable 4 JMLab 926 - Bryston 3BSST

Please Please recommend Bi-Wire speaker cable to connect
JM Lab Electra 926 and Bryston 3B SST

Not too expensive, yet good bang for the buck cable that matches the JM Lab & Bryston system.
How come no recommendation...

I use MIT T2 biwire cables on my Electra 926 and just love them. I have tried many different types before choosing MIT. You can find these cables used for around $150 which makes them a killer deal. Great choice of speaker BTW! Arthur
This might be a dumb question, but MIT T2 = Terminator 2?
Here are some I'm looking at... I believe these are around $400-$700 retail range...

MIT - terminator 2, AVt2 AVt1
Transparent - Music Wave (plus)
Tara Labs - RSC Prime 1000, 1800
Audio Quest - slate, bedlock, CV6
PS Audio - Xstream Statement / Plus
Yes, T2 is Terminator 2. It was replaced by the AVt series just a few months ago.
I own Electra 926 and I've just replaced Analysis Plus 9 with Acoustic Zen Satori.
AP wasn't particulary good match but AZ .... different class. Excellent cables for this speaker.

Jan brings up a good point I should have stressed: these speakers are very sensitive to what you hook up to them. I could tell a difference with every cable I tried. My roommate, who isn't into audio (a.k.a. my sanity check), also heard the differences which knocked his socks off.

The upshot is that you may have to experiment with various cable types to find the right ones for you. Good luck! Arthur
tara labs rsc 1000 are very nice 4 money very smooth