Biwire jumpers as speaker cables?

Assuming that I have monoblocks for power amps and they can be placed fairly close to speakers, can biwire jumpers be used as speaker cables?

Thx for your opinions.

If they are long enough, yes. I have some 1 M Siltech F 12 ribbons that I have used both for mono blocks and jumpers. My 3" 14 gauge solid silver wire, not so much. Since I have seen everything from bell wire to welding cable used by someone somewhere as speaker cable there is no reason you couldn't do it. A good idea? Depends on the jumpers and your system configuration.
yes, that should work. Frankly, i am amazed you can get the jumper to reach...the terminals must be...what?...within 5 inches of each other? Super-close!

(BTW, I happen to have a pair of Transparent Audio Reference jumpers which I used with my SF Guarneris (since have sold the G's on)...but kept the Jumpers. If interested, feel free to email.)
Why not ? IMHO though I think 7 ft is about the minimum for any given cable to sound its best.
Thanks for the encouragement.

I am thinking of monoblocks for reasons like better channel separation, (hopefully) better dynamic, etc. But then many audiophiles subscribe to the Long IC/Short SC scheme, and I think, why not take it a bit to the limit? Jumpers are probably the shortest commercially available speaker wires. Besides, this scheme may represent an opportunity to have expensive cables in more reachable prices, e.g. JPS Aluminata, $500 for jumnpers vs. $6600 for the cables.
You can always make cables shorter,longer not so easy,
To me would depend on price of jumpers.
I guess this would be possible but I've only seen short jumpers. At most 12". If somehow you could get your amp that close to a speaker wouldn't you then have vibration issues with the speaker being so close to the amp when music is playing?
I have a couple of monoblocks coming in by the end of the week. If I place them back side facing speakers' backs, 6 in jumper would make it, according to measurements. I am not sure if I would have difficulty with ic and pc, though.

At this point. I don't think vibration would be an issue. Of course. I would know when music plays...
i suppose you could always place them vertically with the top of the amp facing the listening position. Assuming the speaker terminals are towards the floor, then the amp would be about 8 inches off the ground...allowing the PC and IC to come straight down and to the pre...and still managing to keep the unsightly wires from sticking out and facing the listener. Unconventional but could work. Will need an amp stand.
Hi Suensiu

I get it now and can picture how you will be placing the monoblocks along with your speakers. I just can't imagine things sometimes. Whenever I read monoblocks the first thought in my head is Threshold SA/1. I'm so used to seeing big monoblocks on the floor on ampstands close to a speaker that I couldn't imagine how you were going to pull it off. What monoblocks will you be getting. You will probably need a tall solid amp stand or table of some sort behind your speakers to hook the monoblocks up to them. This will definitely be interesting. Please post pics of this when you are done.
Finally, the Cary 500mb have arrived (Fedex was not as helpful as it used to be...) And yes, I can get them really close to my speakers! The binding posts on the Cary are fairly far apart though, so 6 in may be too tight. I think 8 in jumpers would work better. Now I have to get some jumpers to check it out (plus dealing with various setup issues...) Once I get the jumpers, I'll try to post some pix.
Zu Audio has some 16" Jumpers on ebay, from their top-of-the-line directional IBIS cables, that they will terminate however you wish. That would give you plenty of room to move them away from vibrations.

ebay item: 110734045131