Biwire B&W 803D with different Cardas Cables ?

I have a pair of B&W 803D, Luxman l-509u integrated amp and Luxman D06 SACD player.

I have Cardas Golden Reference XLR interconnects 1mt and a pair of Cardas Golden Reference monowire 2,5mt speaker cables.

My speakers sound bad with monowire cable and B&W jumpers.

I will try Cardas jumpers (a friend of mine will give me his Cardas jumpers he doesn't use anymore) but i want a real biwire solution.

I think B&W 803D has very different needings for its bass section (3 woofers for each speaker!) and its mid-highs section, so I am thinking of biwiring them with my Golden Reference (5 AWG) for bass, and a pair of less expensive Neutral Reference (8,5 AWG) for mid-highs.

I really think bass section of B&W 803D (speakers are not all the same!) needs a thicker cable than mid-highs.

Now I am using my Golden Reference for bass, and my old Audioquest Gibraltar biwire 3mt for mid highs (using only 2 of the 4 spades on the speaker end)... it sounds better than jumpers, but bass is a bit "swollen" (maybe it's G.R. XLR interconnects? I am sure it is is "warmer" than G.R. speaker cable, more neutral) , and high frequencies "come out" only at higher volumes.

Gibraltar is longer than Golden Reference (3 vs 2,5 mt) and its conductor are not so thick (12AWG) as G.R., so I think it conducts VERY less power to the midrange and nautilus tweeter.

Neutral reference could be a good idea, or should i buy another G.R. ?

I am afraid that bringing the same power to the 3 woofers of each 803D and to the mid-tweeter could shift tonal balance towards mid-high frequencies ...

What do yuou think about that ?

Many thanks

Emanuele from Italy
I tried to link the B&W 803D with two pairs of Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables.

The result was an excess of mid-high frequencies: I believe that a Cardas Golden Reference is perfect for driving the three woofers of the B&W 803D, but I think that another Golden Reference gives too much power to the midrange and the tweeter.

I believe the problem is the excess of current for midrange and tweeter, and that a thinner cable than Golden Reference may work better on the mid-highs.

I thought that the "perfect" cable (by section and electrical characteristics -low energy storage-) could be the Cardas SE9.

I would use this configuration:
- Cardas Golden Reference (5 AWG, 16.8 square) for the three 7" woofers
- Cardas SE 9 (9.5 AWG, 5.9 square) for the 6" midrange and the tweeter

5.9 square section (9.5 AWG) of the SE9 is similar to the 5.6 square (9.7 AWG) of the 4 conductors (of 12 total conductors) of the biwired Cardas Golden Reference speaker cable (some people told me that the biwired G.R. is not as good as the full range G.R. in the bass depht and impact).

What do you think of this possible solution (Golden Reference for bass, SE9 for mid-highs) ?

Many thanks