biwire? and best way to do it?

Hi folks!

Was playing around with my Wharfedale EVO 4.4s, trying to get more bass weight - changed the bananas from one HF and one LF to both LF, and WHOA. All of a sudden the kick drum is in the room. Just what I was looking for. This was the first time I had noticed difference with the speaker wire position.

Then for fun, i moved both bananas to the HF. And WOW the AMT tweeter just sparkles - so much air and detail. But the bass weight went away.

So question for all you fine folks is two-fold:

1) Would bi-wiring give me the best of both worlds? That more sparkly tweeter with that heavy bass? Or would i really need to bi-amp them? I’m running them with a Rega Elicit-R.

2) How best to do it? Get premade 4-bananas-to-2-bananas Canare 4S11 cables from Blue Jeans, or just but some stacking bananas for my amp and run more of the Belden 10AWG wire I have? Or some other trick you might have?

BTW my cable run is ~12 ft, maybe a little longer.

TIA for your thoughts!


Guys have doubled/shotgun 4s11 to biwire...trying things is the only way to give you the results...mine are single to run lower with good wire to high's

Just get these and forget the budget stuff — you’ll be thrilled.  If not, just resell them as AZ has a fluid used market.  They’ve been in my system for 20 years and beat out the likes of VooDoo, Audience, etc. and ain’t going anywhere.  Best of luck


@leemaze - So it appears you have not bi-wired at present, and I am assuming you are using the little jumpers that come with bi-wire speakers?

Get rid of the jumpers and replace them with copper wire jumpers - make each jumper about 20" long.

The jumpers that come with the speakers can be made from other metals but not copper - which accounts for the differences you are observing

You can even try Romex to start with - just to see if it improves things.

Use either 14 or 12 gauge wire.

If that works you can improve things even more by using a double strand of wire for each jumper and upgrade to UP-OCC copper wire

UP-OCC copper is superior to pure copper and even OFC copper.

You should be able to achieve a nice balance of the two improvements you mention but without moving the cables from one set of terminals to the other and without the expense of bi-wire cables

I actually tried bi-wire cables and changed back to the UP-OCC copper wire  jumpers because of improved clarity and image achieved with a single cable.

The money I would have spent on a bi-wire cable I invested in better "normal" speaker cables.

Hope that helps - Steve


I just put in a set of zavfino jumpers again after initial tryout...I ran them in on my frybaby for 2 days and the first disk in was way different than first blush with them....Music is more resolving...sound stage deeper with nice natural timber...finally hearing the speaker cable and how it sounds it seems.

Right pair of jumpers/materials/gauge has righted my system...would have never of thought that... last bit of wire showed me how important they really/jumpers are.

I like the way mlavinge described it in a post, tri-wired. Three cables tied together into one end termination to one set of connectors. Finshed cables were 2 inches in diameter. I believe the thicker the better both outside AND inside the speakers.