Bitstream of PCM on my DVD player

When I setup my DVD player should I have it set to Bitstream or PCM, which is better, and what is the difference? Thanks again
Bitstream if you want to send the digital signal to a digital preamp and want to get Dolby Digital and DTS.
I have both connected. I use bitstream, as mentioned, for movies, to get full 5.1 surround. But I have found that many DVD concert videos sound better in 2 channel using PCM, than Dolby Digital.
I had the same question.
I have a Panasonic RP-82 that can do the decoding, right now I'm connecting it directly to the TV via a couple of RCA's, so, should I set it up PCM or Bitstream ?
If you are only using analog outs, it doesn't matter.
For DVD-A, which would A'gon members use, digital audio (such as coaxial or optical)cable OR 6 RCA cables for 5.1 setup?
DVD-A will not play though the digital outs. You will only hear the DVD layer. You must use either RCA 2 channel or 5.1 using 6 RCAs.
Thanks guyse for the help!
If I am running digital coax out of my DVD player into a DAC (PS DL3), do I want PCM or Bitstream set on my DVD player?
PCM. I do not thing the PS DACs can handle bitstream.

Thank you.