Bit the Bullet ... Don Sachs Model 2 Preamp

So, today I ordered a Don Sachs Model Two Preamp with upgraded caps to drive my 31K ohm SS power amp. This will replace my beloved BAT VK-3i, which I intend to keep ... of course, that could change if the DS Model Two blows me away sonically. I expect to have it in a few weeks. Did a fair amount of reaearch on the DS, and it had great reviews. It's tough to really know unless you hear it in your system. OK ... tell me if I did good on this one. 
Am thinking about this pre too, am looking forward to your impressions.
I was really interested in that preamp.  Can't wait to hear your review!
It's been a little over 2 years with my Don Sachs Model 2 Preamp with all the upgraded bells. I think your going to be impressed.