Bit the Bullet ... Don Sachs Model 2 Preamp

So, today I ordered a Don Sachs Model Two Preamp with upgraded caps to drive my 31K ohm SS power amp. This will replace my beloved BAT VK-3i, which I intend to keep ... of course, that could change if the DS Model Two blows me away sonically. I expect to have it in a few weeks. Did a fair amount of reaearch on the DS, and it had great reviews. It's tough to really know unless you hear it in your system. OK ... tell me if I did good on this one. 
Am thinking about this pre too, am looking forward to your impressions.
I was really interested in that preamp.  Can't wait to hear your review!
It's been a little over 2 years with my Don Sachs Model 2 Preamp with all the upgraded bells. I think your going to be impressed.
I am also a very satisfied customer and have owned Don Sach’s DS2 Tube Pre and his Kootenay 120 KT88 Amp for 1 year now and love this combo...

I believe you are really going to like your DS2 :)

I too own the DS2 and it’s met all my expectations and more. Dealing with Don has been a real experience. I owned the SP14 with a lot of upgrades, but had a damn ground hum in the left channel that I couldn’t exercise for anything. It was driving me nuts.. I called Don to see if could maybe shed some light on it, and he had me send it in. I think it took him less than 10 min to ID it and fix it.. while he had it open, he squared it away with Duelund wire Mundorf silver oil caps, Black Treasure tubes, 6BY5 Rectifier Mod. I got it back and was blown way. So much that I bought the DS2 for my 2nd listening room. Again, blown away.. sound stage wide and bowling alley deep. As good if not bettter than my Citation that was twice the price. .. Both were enjoyed driving my Cary 200.2 Power amp. Ultimately, The one he squared away drives my Cary Audio SA-200.2 SS Amp and it’s just killer. The DS2 is slated to drive Don’s KT88 stereo tube amp.. I can’t wait. Don also has freely answered all of my questions, when her didn’t have to do anything more than tell me to “send it in, I’ll get ‘er done” I can’t recommend this dude and his Audio Works enough.