Bit of McIntosh / Thorens pricing help...

Hello. Moving and clearing out some things but am not to sure on current values if anyone can lend a suggestion or two. All pieces are Mint.

McIntosh MR85, McIntosh C42, McIntosh MC352 & Thorens TD 240

Thanks in advance
You could look up values on Orion Bluebook, or try checking EBay's completed listings.
This site lists quite a few Mac & a couple Thorens pieces:( ) If yours are not shown; contact them and they would probably give you some guidance. They've been selling Mac stuff for decades.
Keep in mind that the site Rodman99999 listed is a dealer site. Just as with automobiles, dealer prices are always higher than private sales prices. I have often looked at that site, but I have never bought anything from them because their prices are too high.