Bit of a dillema Simaudio.. UPGRADE hmmm

Coming up on the "anniversary" of my Simaudio gear and thinking of taking advantage of their trade up program..

I have learned ALLOT here over the past couple years. and have really taken to the sound of my Moons!

Basically, I'm seeking advice on upgrading, I would like to trade my 2 M400 mono's, 350P preamp, related interconnects/ power cord, and move up to the 600/700i!!

What are your thoughts on this move?

Would there be much of a SQ difference?
especially going from 400wpc to 176wpc

Dac: Wyred4sound DSD
Speakers: Focal Chorus 726
Cables/ IC: all Analysis Plus crystal oval 8

Look forward to your thoughts!!
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What is it that you feel is missing from your current setup? It's been a while since I've listened to Simaudio products, but I recall them being very solid electronics. I personally have never enjoyed the Focal/JMLab Chorus series, instead much preferring the Electra line.

If I were to invest some money here, it would be to upgrade the speakers to the Electra series, and leave the amplification alone.

I would also agree with the above post, your electronics far surpass your speakers. Upgrade your speakers first then you can revisit your amps.

The moon 600/700i are first class IA's I had the chance to listen to the 600i drive a pair of Dyn's C4's in a huge room and it was able to fill the room with no problems.
You seem pretty serious, so I would suggest your best move would be to spend a several hundred dollars on experience, getting to a HiFi show. Irreplaceable knowledge and insight gained at shows. You'll likely end up with too many ideas on how to build your rig, but you'll almost assuredly find a killer change which will make the time and money to attend very worthwhile.

Barring that, I agree that a speaker change would be efficacious.
thanks for the suggestions on speaker upgrade. My dealer offered a 100% trade in credit towards new speakers. Based partially on what was suggested here I decided to upgrade to the new Focal Aria 946.

I really like the sound of these!
the amplification has way way more volume than I could ever use in this setup. I barely get to 1/8 the of the dial before it is too loud. Much of the music I like is not even produced in FLAC form basically rock, pop, dance type of music.
Those are usually listen to at loud volumes anyway.