Birthday Vinyl

Over the past months, and with help from all the kind folks on Audiogon, I've been in the upgrade process on my system. And like the famous quote says "Every Day We Get Better and Better!"

It got down to my birthday and I decided that a record cleaning machine would be the perfect gift. I bought the Hannl and my wife gave it to me as my gift (Never leave things to chance). What I didn't know until Friday afternoon is that she had planned a surprise party.

Well about 50 people came and she told them about the record cleaner and asked that they bring a record as a gift. Hard to believe but 300-400 records came as gifts. I'm not sure if I was happier to get them or they were happier to get rid of them. I felt like a collector and "Sanford & Son" all rolled into one. It was great.

I'm not sure of what's in the stack, but I saw "Wierd Al Yankovic, The Kingston Trio, several Frank Sinatra, several Deutsche Grammophon classics and even an unopened Beatles.

So the point of the thread... if you collect vinyl, it makes a great party theme and if you give the guests a demo of cleaning an old record on a record cleaning machine you'll be the talk of the party scene. Sure beats a new necktie as a gift.

MY wife had a party for me for my birthday this weekend, but as I already have my side of the garage and one extra bedroom filled with my audio gear, all my friends brought me wine and liquor!

I have been meaning to get back into vinyl for a while now,m and can see how many folks would be happy to get rid of their old records, what a great way to start or improve a collection!
Happy b'day. It's my 55th birthday today and I'll be pulling out the Music Direct catalog looking for new vinyl.