birdland odeon-Ag VS Perpetual Tech P1A/P3A/P3

hello everyone,
i have a question about the dac, i am looking for a dac for my mimik II cd player with a vt-52 tube amp, which one sounds better? since Birdland odeon-Ag and Perpetual Tech P1A/P3A/P3 are almost same price for used one.


is anyone please who can help me out with this??

I owned the Perpetual combination and was never really happy with it. I considered the Birdland until I heard the Chord Dac 64. No contest there but the Birdland did sound better to me than what I had in the P-mode. Upgrades are available I believe for the Perpetual's but mine had none.
thank you so much for your opinion, i was thinking about Chord too but just the price is too much for me to afford...
that's why i was thinking about birdland odeon-ag and Perpetual. or is there any nice DAC and upsampling which i can get with the price around USD 1000?

thanks again
Of all the DACS for sale on this site you may want to check out the
Electrocompaniet and the Conrad Johnson DA2b. A friend has one of
those and it sounds so musical. The Birdland is still a great choice in the
price range. The Musical fidelity A324 is also a look see unit.
I was totally unimpressed with the perpetural combination. Surprised they still are in production. I suggest a Bel Canto Dac2.
thanks you all
what i read in alot of comments or reviews that said bel canto is pretty good and the price is GOOD too.

Here is my performance ratings for modded and stock:

1) Birdland
2) Bel Canto
3) Perpetual

1) Perpetual
2) Birdland
3) Bel Canto

Unless the person responding has heard all three in the same system, like I have, they cant make this determination.
thank you Audioengr
i think i will go for Birdland, seems like Birdland will be the best DAC in the range around 1000 to 1200 usd. but by the way, do you know anything about Benchmark DAC1? how do those two sound differece?? thanks again

If you can find a Birdland used, go for it. The others don't compare. If you want something significantly better, you'll have to open the wallet wide and get a Theta Gen VIII or a Levinson, IMHO.

I have an Odeon-Ag and I swear by it.
"do you know anything about Benchmark DAC1? how do those two sound different??"

I have not heard the Benchmark DAC. Only got feedback from customers that do shootouts. No comparisons to Birdland, though.
"I have not heard the Benchmark DAC. Only got feedback from customers that do shootouts."

I have a ModWright Perpetual and am really currious what others have heard vs the Benchmark. Can you share their impressions??

Hi guys,it looks like you are in the same situation as me-looking for a good DAC and having too many options.Last night I did try a benchmark-the one thing that looked perfect for me-wonderful reviews from Stereophile and others,perfect mesurments stating that even a cheap DVD would do and so on. I tried it with philips 963 as transport,Audio research tube preamp,Kora tube power amp and magnepans as speakers. So my impresions are these-this is the most detailed,3D sound I have ever heard in my life,with deep and wide stage,rock solid imaging and unbelievable resolution but it does not have life in it.I did not really belive the things I heard,every possible bit in the recording comes out easy and floats in the air,but at hte same time you just hear what's on the disk but you are kind of separated from the emotion on it.I think I read a post in one of the discussions about the DAC1 and one of the guys said that it is too thin in the midbass-I tend to agree,after what I heard last night I think he was right-it is not something that you really feel,it is just the missing magic in the sound.You have no idea how sad I am now-the DAC1 was the perfect thing for me on paper and now i have to look for something else.If anyone finds a musical DAC with the things taht the Benchmark did-transparency,detail,imaging,please let me know,I will buy it immediately.
I have the Benchmark DAC1 and have the very same opinion. Great transparency and detail but not very musical. The Benchmark was created for the recording industry where transparency and detail are much more important than musicality.