Bird York

I've not seen her mentioned on this site, but has anyone else heard her? I picked up her CD "Wicked Little High" a couple of months ago and think it's fantastic.

I'm probably late to the party but found out about her when I watched the movie "Crash" (a year after it was released) - she wrote and performs the song "in the deep" in that movie. It was nominated for an Oscar for best song. She also has an acting part as a uniform cop in the movie. West Wing fans will recognize her as Toby's ex-wife, and has had other acting roles in Movies.

she has a web site with some music videos if you want to treat yourself . . . check it out.
She opened for Pink Martini at a concert in Redmond, WA a year or two ago. I really loved her music, so I bought the CD. The CD sounds Ok, but I enjoyed her live performance even better. It's always fun to find talented artists that are somewhat 'under the radar.'
did you get "Wicked Little High", or her first CD? I listened to a sample of her debut cd (on her website) and wasn't as impressed. I find the WLH is strong all the way through and has a few really great songs. She's also pretty unique (style-wise) which I find refreshing.
I just bought WLH too and think it is pretty good. Not quite as good as Feist's first album for instance (which I have been listening to lately) but similaar in mood. I prefer Feist's singing and the music is simpler and more fun but Bird York is no slouch, the music has a lot to keep you interested and I am happy to have it