Bipolar surround speaker palcement

Where should I put it? side wall or real wall? which is the best?

Specifically JM Lab SR900?

the manual is not clear, and seems like there are differnet opinions..

Bipolar speakers are ususlly placed on the walls behind the listener at least a foot over the head of the listener at his seating position . Also experiment with width but a good starting point is mirrored to mains. Keep out of corners. Side placement works too of course but is usually designated for dipoles.
Thanks Brainwater,

the thing is that I get conflicted advices...

Some say side wall, and some say real wall.

My room is rectangular 15.5'w x 20'l x 8'h,
and I'll put two rows, first row at about 13' and second close to the rear wall.

any other vote?