BIOS update reaps SQ reward

I use a laptop running a very "stripped" down  bare bones windows 10 as my streaming source.
The laptop is a year old and is used exclusively for running ROON (TIDAL/QOBUZ)
BIOS version 1.02 latest version 1.08 
So I flashed the upgraded BIOS with some trepidation as I have removed /disabled hundreds of background services/apps etc.
Update successful and laptop rebooted .
Eagerly I opened ROON and yes it opened flawlessly .
Pink Floyd 's -Shine on you crazy diamond  24bit/96Khz Qobuz stream
First impression significant clarity in sound stage .
Ryzen CPU 's have a reputation for improvement in frame rate increase in games after BIOS update, but I'm surprised that SQ can be improved so markedly as well.

Not sure if it was the BIOS or cleaning up the OS. Windows isn't a naturally real time system, so those add ons, etc can really add a lot of lag to the CPU.

The BIOS update was conducted after weeks of system clean up-So I am confident that the SQ improvement can only be attributed to the BIOS , as strange as it sounds.
I would rank the change equivalent to an upgraded power supply to a DAC.
Have you tried Fidelizer?
fuzztone  Just installed Fidelizer and am very happy with the results !!
Thanks for that -Much appreciated