Binge sessions

I've realized  that I binge listen, not to music (yeah I do that too) but to components.  Like I'll spend several days even weeks just listening to vinyl, then several days and weeks listening to reel to reel, and yes days and weeks listening to compact cassettes and to a lesser extent I do the same with cassettes.  I have friends that listen to multiple formats during an evening of tunes, and I've done that but for the most part I "binge" on one of the four mentioned formats. 

I never noticed, my wife pointed it out. I'm currently on my rare cassette binge, rediscovering how good tapes I made in the seventies still sound (honestly even the not so good ones have been enjoyable) and having fun doing it.  

The Mrs., also pointed out that I go through extended periods of borrowing records and recording.  During the winter months I like taking the spare half track out and recording small jazz and folk venues. I appareantly binge on this too when the mood strikes.

Anyone else do this?



I do the same thing!  I have 3 TTs all at different levels and a very good CDP.  I get hooked on one of them and listen for weeks.  Then for whatever reason I will switch and repeat.  
  • gshepardbuster,  "Then for whatever reason I will switch and repeat. " 
I laughed because try and pinpoint the "for whatever reason".  You can't, it just happens. 

No never have done that in my life.good luck though.
*L*  Beats 'binging' on something less socially acceptable, and if the spouse tolerates it in you....enjoy.  Different strokes, 'n all that...;)
Sometimes I'm in the mood for a different flavor and by swapping sources for a while it helps keep things fresh.  It could be in part that some recordings are best on my more forgiving gear.  
Some of my younger friends and family members think I’m nutz for still playing cassettes in the car.

I have an old T-Bird with a Pioneer cassette deck.  I use it all the time.  I miss the days of making tapes just for car.  I don't think your nutz, I think it's awesome.  I need to source a good replacement deck as the Pioneer is in needs of belts. 
I remember having a good Jensen unit then a good Blaupunkt.  Off to the bay to search.  =)


I recently put my Sony Walkman portable cassette player on a fairly elaborate iso stand. Is that wrong?

@geoffkait - Yes, that is wrong! But who am I to judge? As Cheryl Crow once said, "If it Makes You Happy, It Can't be That Bad"

Enjoy the music!
I own two entirely separate systems fed by a total of five turntables, each with a different tonearm and cartridge.  So I binge on listening to one system with one turntable/tonearm/cartridge for weeks on end, and then on another.  But it's all vinyl almost all the time.  In one system, I have an Ayre C5Xe-mp, which is one of the best one-box cdps I know about, and on rare occasion, like when I want to read a book or when we are having a party, the Ayre takes over from vinyl.
I will admit that I have often binged on Radio Paradise for weeks at a time. Played through my big rig, my office desktop setup and on my iPod while mowing the lawn. The playlist and format are just so good that the relative quality of the playback hardware seems unimportant.
What? No pics of the Walkman? That's halarious! 

I used to do the two system thing, but then got frustrated as  they were on different floors in the house and what floor to keep the music on became the issue.  My solution was to simplify, and boy did I.  Now listening to a vintage Sansui system not far from what I started with 40 years ago. Go figure huh?