Binding posts on PSB golds

There is two sets connected together with a metal strip.Does it make a difference which pair I use as I am not bi wiring and only running 1 pair of cable.Thanks Rob
it doesn't matter but keep the metal strip in place. I found it even better to have a set of jumber made of speaker wire instead of the gold strip. Something to think about in the future perhaps...
Vikvilkhu is correct. Although I am biamping these speakers, I too, highly recommend using short jumper cables between the upper and lower binding posts instead of the gold strips. This will improve the sound.
Thanks guys I will put jumper on them.Rob
I previously owned PSB Gold Is and was using a single run of Kimber Monacle XL speaker cables. I replaced the standard metal jumpers with Mapleshades copper ribbon jumpers and was very happy with the results. I’m currently doing the same with a pair of Silverline LaFolias. To do both speakers with the Mapleshade jumpers will only cost $40.00. You will be pleasantly surprised at the improvement. Good Luck.