Binding posts on Nautilus 804S question


I just purchased a pair of Nautilus speakers off of the gon and have a question. I know that you can use banana plugs with these speakers because I have seen it in other setups...What I am wondering is how you get the darn plugs out of the back of the binding posts?!? They don't seem to want to un-screw easily, and they get to a point where they just will not move backwards anymore...what do you do? Is there a special tool that I need or something? Please let me know.

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Are you referring to the little black and red plastic plugs that are inserted into the binding posts? They do not unscrew. You just pull them out. I have heard that some people use needle nose pliers. I actually just used my teeth! They should not be that hard to pull out.
Thanks man! Yes I am talking about the black and red tabs (why do they use those things anyway)...I will have to try that when I get home! I will be sure to report back...
I used a small thin paring knife to gentley pry them out on my B&W DM602's
a real pain i have of course lost them to the cats now
Take a sharp edged knife and pry them out.
I have found a knife blade works pretty well. You have to keep from getting them in a bind for them to come out easily.

I am not sure but I think those are a european requirement. It doesn't make any sense to me but that is the way it is.

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