Binding post upgrade for Classe CAP-151?

Any recommendations for upgrading the stock (red/black) binding posts on my Classe CAP-151. It is an earlier model chassis with 4 bp's, vs. later models chassis w/8.

I'm NOT looking for anything that would require additional modifications to the chassis, or the binding post itself.

I'm also NOT looking for opinions or suggestions from those that have no specific knowledge or experience with this particular model/application.

Thanks for your help and cooperation.
You may have luck with WBT Nextgen #0710 or Topline #0730.01 posts as drop-in replacements. At the most you may have to slightly trim the WBT insulating bushings and reduce their thickness a hair with a utility knife and sandpaper. Cardas or Vampire posts may also work.

I upgraded the stock bolt type binding posts of my Classé CA-300 to WBT Topline #0702.01 posts. I used stock insulators on the inside of the chassis, and the WBT insulators on the outside.

I would have preferred to use the Nextgen posts but they require either soldering or quick-disconnects, neither of which I like. The 0702 posts employ a set screw and gas-tight crimped connection, which I prefer.

I've done a number of binding post upgrades as part of my vintage amp collection refurb work. Holler at me privately if you need help.







Okay, let us try this again. URLs to pictures:

Hello Gbart,

Could you hear the difference?

I own a ca-300 as well :-)

Replacing the Input caps is also an option.

Q1rene, yes, I could hear differences. The CA-300 has no input caps to replace. Trying different input buffer op-amps may or may not be worthwhile.
There are power caps in signal way on the main print.
In the upper right corner 2 indentical capacitor and a red wima are in signal way on this picture.

I replaced them a view years ago with 1 red black gate of 100mf per channel. I want to try siemens mkv later. If it fits somewhere:-)

Did you needed to change something to standard holes in ca-300 to place the wbt 702?

Bg rene
The two red Wima caps you're talking about are the two 0.1uf op-amp decoupling caps, C105 and C106. The 100uf caps must be the two +VCC and -VCC decoupling caps.

No modification to the CA-300 chassis was necessary to fit the WBT 0702 posts. However, you will need to reuse the stock Classé inside washer, followed by the WBT puzzle washers. Use the WBT standard washer on the outside, but you will need to trim off the little notch on it (see picture linked below) before it will sit flat against the inside washer.
The binding posts will help, but yr focusing on wrong area. Look more into filter cap bypasses. will make a much larger improvement.
If you are familiar with the CA-300 and CA-400, you will know that the way the amp is constructed, there is no room for bypass caps. The CA-300 has thirty-six 4,700uf filter caps, stacked in two tiers of 18. IMO, one of the DR models with their more open layout would be a better candidate for such modding.
I use only the balanced inputs of the classe CA-300. Therefore I have bypassed the entire op amp BB dual 2604 buffer stage print. The cables to the central amp print is now directly connected to the 3 white wires of balanced inputs. The white wires are disconnected from the buffer print.

This is the way go. This sounds so much better in every aspect This is a complete different amp. So much more detail, clean and power. Still warm and pleasant. Much more music :-)

If you would try, be carefull to isolate the connections very well. Dc is still on the buffer the print. I Did not disconnect powersuply of the print yet. Have to decide this later. (Use a Music first Audio classic as pre) Update will follow
I guess you don't plan on ever selling that CA-300. A future owner may want to use the RCA inputs.
No way of selling. its sounds so damned good now.
I guess I must look into that mod. :-)