Bin dug noisy records. Does it diminish your enjoyment?

I have some original pressed (or at least very old) LPs bought used at Half price books, and record stores, and not at Collector prices, as such there is on some a bit of popping and noise, and one or two that were just trash.
So I ask, when you pick up a $5 ish record that plays with some well earned noise but is playable, does that take away from your enjoyment knowing it is and old war horse?
Not at all if it is good music but if you clean them well a lot of those noisy records can be utterly silent and in remarkable condition for their age.
Not anymore!  Been digging my Sweetvinyl Sugarcube SC-2 with surface noise masking upgrade.  I turn my $1 and $2 record show finds into near mint vinyl, then make a hi res digital file of them for my server.  Love it, but, of course, I clean my records first.  Using a cheep and cheerful KAB vacuum cleaner.  Great results, tons of listening pleasure. I probably won't live long enough to spin all the vinyl I have.
I washed about 20 LPs with a Spin Clean, got a lot of dirt etc. in the bottom of the cleaner. The old washed records sound very good now, (Tom Jones looks a little scratched up, have not tried that one yet).
So I will get them all washed, and find a replacement for Tom. Everything has been going into MoFi inner sleeves, and the Vinyl Styl outer sleeves, because sliding an LP out of a paper sleeve is painful. Livin' and Learnin' in my new hobby here.
get an ultrasonic record cleaner.  I could not believe the improvement in the records I purchased used.  Even new records.

Almost like a whole new medium.

If is a quiet solo piano piece of music, then I'll likely pass. There is nowhere for the noise to get buried and it can become too distracting.

This is usually where I get my "guilty pleasure" recordings. Sometimes I get very lucky, other times not so much. It's also where I will try something different.

If it's a record I'm really pining for, I will seek out a "proper" copy.

Learned early on with this latest return to vinyl (six years now) that an RCM is a must have. Started using home brew, a painting pad, microfibre cloth and a dish drying rack. Tried the Spin Clean to no avail and gave up on it. Best accessory I ever got was my Okki Nokki. Three wash cycles followed by three rinse cycles using L'Art du Son. Overkill I suspect, but at least I know they are as clean as I can get them with the tools I have.

If a record looks dirty, doesn't matter. I think of it as a protective coating :)  Light scratches don't really matter pending the profile of the stylus.

Going through the bins is a relaxing and meditative process provided you leave enough time for it :)