Bin dug noisy records. Does it diminish your enjoyment?

I have some original pressed (or at least very old) LPs bought used at Half price books, and record stores, and not at Collector prices, as such there is on some a bit of popping and noise, and one or two that were just trash.
So I ask, when you pick up a $5 ish record that plays with some well earned noise but is playable, does that take away from your enjoyment knowing it is and old war horse?

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I have actually had more scratches and "smears" on new LPs only 2 of the old records had scratches. Another reason I am not overly thrilled with Album buying from Amazon. But yes I need to fire up the Spin Disk, and clean them all.
After I wash everything I will put a new stylus on the Nagaoka MP-110 for about $70. and I did buy a new Jim Croce to replace the old beat up one I got used. I do need to inspect them better at purchase. But still listening to an old album bought when it released and enjoyed through many playings, is kind of cool.
I washed about 20 LPs with a Spin Clean, got a lot of dirt etc. in the bottom of the cleaner. The old washed records sound very good now, (Tom Jones looks a little scratched up, have not tried that one yet).
So I will get them all washed, and find a replacement for Tom. Everything has been going into MoFi inner sleeves, and the Vinyl Styl outer sleeves, because sliding an LP out of a paper sleeve is painful. Livin' and Learnin' in my new hobby here.