Billboard's awards .....yikes

Witnessed the awards show was great...except one thing...NO TALENT...anyway the golden age of great music has come and gone.....a sad day for real music.
Mariah is scary.
That's what Mom and Dad said in the sixties.
Your mom and dad were correct. You should listen to them and regard their advice more seriously. :)
That's been the case for awhile now - it just seems to get worse each year. There are talented composers out there - they just won't make the top 40 because more teenagers buy music than anyone.

Culture doesn't have much value at this point in time, but it's all cyclical though, so it may come back when I'm 80 and deaf ;)
Wow! I can't believe someone else thinks the same way as I do!
There's not much to buy at the music store if it wasn't for the re-masters.
The problem really seems to be what gets played on the radio. Many, many people get turned on (or off) by what they hear on their car radios. There is MUCH good music out there. Problem is most people aren't hearing it. Try XM or Sirius radio and you'll hear music that you didn't even know artists were making. And you're right Maineiac, Mariah IS scary!
Video killed the radio star.
It's the same problem with movies. Everytime I go to Blockbuster to rent a DVD, there's very little in the new releases that's worth spending the time or money for.
Have you noticed in the music stores, DVD's are now taking more and more space from the CD's? What does that tell you about CD sales?
Most people value sight over hearing. We are the few exceptions.
Say what you will about Mariah Carey...her look, her choices, her musical style...the woman can flat out sing, and her comeback from where she was four years ago is one of the great entertainment stories in memory.
Wherever Mariah was four years ago wasnt far enough away...
the woman can flat out sing
What are you trying to do, get this thread closed?
"The woman can flat out sing."

What are you trying to do, get this thread closed?

The word "flat" will get the thread closed?
Sing is to Mariah as Elocution is to Sylvester.