Bill Miller of Miller Sound...............

Does anyone know how I can contact Bill Miller of Miller Sound???
Greatly Appreciated!
Contact Vtvu of this group if no one responds, he's friends with the folks there.
I have a Millersound phone# 215-412-7700. I spoke with him about a year ago about some of his cables. He said he was getting out of the cable making business and was gonna concentrate on speaker repairs. Good luck!
I spoke to him two weeks ago. He no longer makes cables.
The phone number is right (215-412-7700) but his name is Bill LeGall, not Bill Miller. Millersound (one word) is the name of his business (in honor of his grandfather).
Bill is one of the true geniuses in this business, an honest businessman, and a true gentleman. I have the double fortune of owning one of his own speakers (no longer made), as well as a pair of Vandersteen 4A modified by him that sounds out of this world. He can take ANY speaker and make it sound better than the original.
Good Luck.
Thanks to all!!!!!!!
I second what Vtvu says about Bill. I have a pair of his speaker cables which were originally brought to my attention by Vtvu. That search is over and I couldn't be happier.