Bill Frisell

Recently heard some cuts from Bill Frisell's "Ghost Town" and was taken by the ambient nature of his playing. Was wondering, for Frisell fans, what other albums of his have this 'ghostly' feel to them.

Many of them do, try "Blues Dream", "Good Dog, Happy Man","Gone, Just Like a Train", "The Willies", and for something a bit different, his latest, "The Intercontinentals". Also for something with a bit of a bluegrass feel try "Nashville". If you can't tell, I'm a tremendous Bill Frisell fan, his stuff just keeps getting better and more interesting. Enjoy!
I own "Gone, Just Like a Train" and "Nashville." Both are great discs sonically and musically!
I also own a number of Bill Frisell CD's and my favorite is
"Gone, Just Like a Train" there is something very special about the way he plays the guitar.
All of the recordings listed in the above posts are all fantastic. The more you listen to them the more you are drawn in to his style. I never get tired of listening to him.
Bill Frisell is very nicely represented on the soundtrack to
"Finding Forrester". As a bonus, the soundtrack also gives you Miles Davis, and the "Great Iz" doing his medly of "Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World".
Thank you all for the recommendations. Both Ghost Town and Blues Dream are for sale for $0.99 at Columbia House website right now.

Cdelplato, have you listened to any Ry Cooder?

Hey, Bill Frisell is doing some quest work on the brand new Rickie Lee Jones disc--sounds pretty good!!
I remember loving his fusion/progressive playing way back when. His newer stuff is very different - lika an AMerican songbook of sorts. Whan I got Nashville it just didn't hold me. I kept playing it thought and then ... one day ... it all snapped into place. This is one nice recording and Bill does some wonderful things with the songs. Well worth the effort. I will definitely get more of his new stuff in the future.

Humm, maybe I'll have to check out "Gone, Just Like a Train"; I have The Willies and though it is a nice recording, it isn't exactly my thing plus after a couple of songs I have had all I can take, it seems all the same.
Thanks for the comments all. I think the next in line for me to check out will be Gone, Just Like A Train.

Charlie - no I have not heard much, if any Cooder. Will look into it. Thanks.

Will also check out the Finding Forrester soundtrack. The addition of Miles is intriguing.

And if you like Ry cooder, give Leo Kottke a spin.
I have to say, though I like them all, I think "Blues Dream" is the best of the bunch. I haven't seen much other support for it, but definitely check it out.
Will look into all the above recommendations.

BTW, was looking into Ry Cooder and noticed he did an album with Jon Hassell, who I have a couple of his works. The album is Fascinomia. Anyone have/heard it?

Frisell definitely gets around. His guitar on Lyle May's Solo albums is excellent. I still prefer his fusion stuff