Bill Evans "When I fall In Love" Portrait Riverside Stereo reissue of "Portrait"

Does anyone else notice the 'continuous tone' in the background that runs through the entire length of this song?  It sounds like a Dolby 'A' test tone to me.  It drive me nuts!  I haven't heard anyone else mention it.  So now I am wondering, are there any versions of this LP that do not have the annoying 'tone' on this track, or is this something that all versions have?  I was considering trying out the half track master tape copy, but am not interested if it is the same as the LP.



Playing this LP again this evening, I have noticed that that same tone is also on the tracks "Spring Is Here" and "Blue in Green".

I just ordered a 70's Japanesse pressing. Hopefully it's better. 

I went to Tidal and it just refers to this as a reissue.
There is no tone on the mentioned track
Could be on the LP master mix but not the mixdown used for CD's. I do not have an lp of this
Thanks Alan, good to know.  I realize my copy is a reissue, but I am stunned that this got past someone.  It's impossible not to notice it.

If the Japanese pressing I ordered has the tone on it, I will get a copy of the CD.

Thanks again.
I will check my CD version tonight. I own the original pressing, not sure if I  have the re-issue CD?

That would be awesome if you could check the original.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


I did play my original CD, no tone detected.

If I own the re-issue/re-master, I will check that CD as well.


would you you please give me your opinion of the sound quality of the CD version?  I borrowed a second reissue from a friend and it has the same test tones as mine. It's funny, my audio buddy never noticed it. He's pretty annoyed now after I pointed it out. Maybe the CD version is the easiest way to go? It will be another week or so before my Japanese pressing arrives.


I really like the CD in both original and reissue editions. The remaster/reissue offers a crisp, brighter sound overall. This is very common on re-issues, as the technology has changed, since the late 80's to early 90's. Not compresses at all to my ears.

Let me know when your Japan import arrives.

thanks for the review. Will do. It should be here Friday. 

Japan pressing arrived.  No test tones.  Sounds wonderful.  I also picked up a second Riverside reissue.  Same carrier tone through the same selections.  

And if anyone is interested, the older used Japanese pressing that I have is very quiet and more dynamic.  

Thanks! for the update- Norman.