Bill Evans Vinyl on Riverside

As much as I would love to have the box set of the Complete Riverside Recordings---18 LPS I believe it is--it normally goes for at least $350, a nice little chunk of change around my house. On the other hand, you have the OJC pressings, which I have heard are excellent. I have a few of these and they are very good, but I have not heard the Evans.

I realize the Complete Recordings contain much more music, but I could probably live with having "Live At The Village Vanguard" and "Waltz For Debbie" (both of which I believe are available on OJC) in addition to the Evans I already have on vinyl.

At last then, the question: Has anyone compared the sonics of the box set and the OJC pressings? If the box set is substantially better, I may remain patient and wait for a deal. If they are about the same, I'll probably go ahead and get the OJC records.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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when you consider how much we spend on equipment, the riverside box is like winning the lottery. the recordings are as good as can be expected...and evans?.....the seminal jazz pianist.
The OJC releases are quite good. My experience with boxsets is they sound like a good idea but seldom get played. Evans was great but there is a sameness to many of his recordings. I suggest you pick an choose the critical few and forego the box set.
Jaybo makes a fine point.
Additionally, the Fantasy 45 rpm re-issues of Bill Evans are disgustingly good. Waltz For Debby is really special. Cheers,
Having compared different Bill Evans pressings on Riverside/Orpheum (I believe 2nd pressings), Milestone, OJC and Complete Riverside LPs, I’ve concluded that they sound significantly different. The Riverside/Orpheum pressings from the 60s sound very natural but laid back, especially the bass which is deep in the soundstage. The OJC and Complete Riverside LPs sound very similar to each other, could be the same master. Compared to the 60s pressings, they sound more forward and punchier, the bass is brought forward and in balance with the piano and drums. The sound is drier also. The Milestone pressings are somewhere in the middle. For the money, I think the Milestones are the best value.
The CD version is your best bet. In my opinion
03-07-07: Tarsando
The CD version is your best bet. In my opinion

Even the inexpensive OJC LP which normally sells for about $10-$12 new and $4-$6 used, handily beats any version of the CD I have tried, including the otherwise excellent $30 Analog Productions CD remaster.

This assumes, of course, that you have a good turntable that is properly set up.

Thanks so much for the responses. Very useful.
Or that you don't have state of the art digital playback equipment