Bill Evans - Village Vanguard Question

I'm confused about the 3 CD set of the famous Vanguard recordings of Bill Evans.

Supposedly the songs are presented in the order in which they were performed during the 6 sets the trio played. If that's the case why are there "take 1's" and take 2's", etc? Can someone explain?

I read Orrin Keepnews liner notes but still don't get it.

This is probably the best piano trio music I've ever heard.


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I believe it's because they were recording for their albums Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Waltz for Debby and they did repeat takes of their songs until they felt they played it well enough that it was good enough for the albums. If you look, one or two of the songs were one take only because they must have felt they nailed the song on the first take and, therefore, didn't need to do it again.