Bill Evans The Village Vanguard Sessions

I just bought this 2 lp 1973 recording second hand. Its question is how much better are the new issues of this music.
the complete vvs (3CD) is one of my favorites.
I'm a big Bill E Fan.
Top 3 for my (ymmv) are in no order:
complete VVS
You Must Believe In Spring
Turn out the stars

On LP yes - waltz For Debbie is way better on the high quality reissue.
I own it on cd, it's a JVC K2 and it sounds fantastic, though I'm sure the vinyl sounds better. Check out the K2 if you want a great cd, it's the exact same mastering as the XRCD's but at regular cd prices. Happy listening!
I second Weim Boy's call on the 3 disc set that recently came out of the whole Vilage Vanguard Sessions. This set encompaases both of the albums known as Live at the Village Vanguard and Waltz for Debby (maybe a few other tracks as well. What is also great about it is that it is all in the order it was played.
As a jazz lover for 20 odd years, I long ago purchased the original double LP's of these sessions, then the Complete Bill Evans on Riverside, then the XRCD and, I believe, the SACD of Waltz for Debby. I think I also have a couple of these on 45 rpm as well. Now you tell me I need to get the 3 CD set to be able to play them in the order they were recorded? Let's get real!

There is a definite mastering difference between the original LP's and the SACD reissue. The SACD sounds much better, IMHO. Don't know about the others though.