Bill Evans - Jim Hall ‎– Undercurrent MOFI 1-031

I came across MOFI Bill Evans-Jim Hall MFSL record and purchased it sealed.
When I opened and started playing first disappointment, the record is brutally warped. I can usually repair warps, but not the bump type that makes speaker drivers move far with nasty rumble. The second disappointment is sound. The background is quiet as with almost all of the MOFI records, but the rest of sound is nothing more than ordinary re-issue if not worse. Absolutely no body, detail and definition and no life in these piano notes and guitar chords.

This is not the first time I purchase sealed LP and the maximum grade it could be given is G+, because someone else's pickup may even jump -- that's how brutally the new vinyl is warped. 

Overall I have made up a new grade for the records that is in addition to all Goldmine standard grades...

VM -- Verified Mint, Than next one is M for sealed that can actually turn to G+ or even F after opening and discovering warp or other unplayable defects of poor modern pressing such as Mobile Fidelity.

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I have 2 copies of this SILVER label MOFI, one opened and one sealed. My opened copy is excellent. I sure don’t hear anything like you describe?

This is still a current title, I’m sure MOFI would swap it out for you.

Sorry you got a bum copy.

Not that this really matters, but this specific copy got on the TAS Super LP List for 2016:
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I also got a bum copy, sound lacked all body as you describe although as I recall no issue with warps -- there was clearly a defective pressing run of this issue -- ask for a replacement, my second copy is fine
Regardinf misled Undercurrent I get a lot of rumble on side two.   This is my second copy with the same problem.  
Regarding MFSL ...