Bill Evans Complete Riverside - No Side 2?

At least a decade ago I purchased a used copy of this 18 disc vinyl box set (the 1984 Fantasy pressing), but in all those years I never listened to every disc. I just started to digitize the albums and right off I noticed a pressing defect -- there's no side #2 on disc #1. There's music on side #2, but it's actually the same music from side #21. The label on the record and the insert booklet both list side #2 as containing six songs, but the actual disc only contains four songs on side #2. The pressing plant scribble in the inner groove confirms that side #2 is actually side #21. So I got this box set with no side #2 and two side #21s. Anybody else got this problem?

Side #2 is supposed to be the B-side to "New Jazz Conceptions".
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Hi I have this box set at home. If no one else reply's, I'll look into it for you. I'm out of town for about week...will get back to you
So the mystery deepens. I have 2 17/18's and no 21/22. Well, I guess I can't answer your qeustion !!

I will say the new Bill Evan's 45 box set from Acoustic Sounds is EXCELLENT. A must have for a Bill Evan's fan in my opionion. I had most of the titles aready and several twice. Still worth it. Excellent sound, beats the orginal pressings I have.
Thanks for looking into it. I'm going to contact Fantasy records. I'll let you know what they say.