Bill Chinook / Bruce Springsteen

Has anyone ever heard Bruce Springsteen mention Bill Chinook? Bill was a "founder" of early E Street Band w/ some members joining up w/ Bruce's band. He was making that Asbury sound before Bruce, but I have never heard "the Boss" mention him. I may be partial to him because he settled up here in Maine way back in the 1970's and played often in the bars and dance halls. And released a couple excellent albums, Dime Store Heroes is one of my favorites.
The members were/are Danny Federici on organ, Vini Lopez on drums and Garry talent on bass.
"Born in the USA" invalidates any discussion of Springsteen.  Too bad, I saw him at college when he was playing with a brass band.  So many good songs starting with Asbury Park and then he had to go write his song of loathing for the country that has allowed him to live in an environment where he could achieve such success.  Pathetic

To interpret an honest critique of the country's shortcomings as loathing for the country does a disservice to the ideals we hold as what makes our country unique in this world. I was in the service during the Vietnam War and Born in the USA spoke to my generation in a way that represented the feelings of a great many of us. What I found pathetic was the "love it or leave it" mentality that existed during the war.
He was probably listening to too much Woody Guthrie.
"Born in the USA" invalidates any discussion of Springsteen.
If you run every artist through a judgmental political filter, you're going to miss out on a lot of great art, including music. I've never understood those who will only associate with those with whom they agree politically.

@mitchchavis  If you served in Vietnam then I can see how some of the song's lyrics spoke to you.  I guess I am bothered that we hear it played at sports events and political rallies as if it extols the virtues of America.  My negativity may also be colored now with all of the flag protests going on.  I believe in a person's constitutional right of free expression but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  I truly do thank you for your service in Vietnam.  It's so sad that so many Veterans returned from southeast Asia being treated with disrespect and disdain.  I don't know how you guys did it.

Thanks for sharing your story.  Perhaps I have more soul searching to do about Mr. Springsteen.

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@cleeds Please read my post above. My opposition to the song stems from what I see is its use in inapproriately patriotic celebrations.  I agree with your comment that political messages have a long and storied tradition in American music.  I have CS&N, CSN&Y and particularly Y solo albums, Dylan, Baez, the list goes on.  So much of art, both visual and musical is an expression of the world's state at the time of its production.  I have not and will not in the future let their political expression that I may or may not agree with keep me form listening to their music.

Thanks for your post.

Bravo to everyone's civilized comments. My problem with "Born In The U.S.A." is it's obviousness and literalness, a failing of Springsteen in general imo. That and his "tightly-wound"/strained/1-dimensional vocals. I have never understood his mass popularity. Plus, his band is SO pedestrian! They have yet to progress beyond their Bar Band beginnings.
@bdp24 +1   Part of me believes that the rawness the sound is part of the appeal.   His recordings are more organic and less slickly produced. As an audiophile I prefer to listen to music where the recording quality was a higher priority to the finished release.  Many such recordings are the most real sounding of all!

While Born in the Usa isn't my favorite Bruce album, I find even his last 4 or 5 released to have some amazing and insightful tunes.  I think he's one a a handful of artists who has evolved over the years instead of recycling their old ideas.  
The Wall has some great lyrics about McNamara, the wrestler, Terry's Song.  Anything off the rising or Devils and Dust.  
I've seen him live about 70 times (including his solo tours)but sadly I've had to curtail arena shows because they are too loud for me, even with earplugs.  

Most of Bruce's albums are among the worst sounding albums I have (except Darkness, Tunnel of Love, Lucky Town, Human Touch (last 3 Bob Clearmountain)) and his last album. It's inexcusable that with so many resources at his disposal in the studio, SQ takes a back seat. I believe that is one (a small one) of many reasons why he is so much better live than on record. 
He is one of our best modern musical artists IMHO although he can be wooden or shrill at times. Then again, in a different way, so can another of our great artists-----Bob Dylan.
Note---today is Bruce's 67th birthday.
It's not Springsteen's fault that most Americans cannot think more deeply than their perception of the four word chorus of one of his songs.  He is a great artist by any measure, and the most influential musician that America has produced since Bob Dylan.    
@kb54  Thankfully we have you here to do our thinking for us.  Whew!