Biggest Sound in the Littliest Box

Can some one suggest speakers that offers the "big speaker" sound in the smallest box? For me, price is not a big factor (to some extent) but space is.
I have always been amazed at the tiny Dynaudio 1.3mk II, pretty inexpensive but very impressive sound.
Also I as well as others in my audiophile club, have been amazed by the Meadowlark Swift. huge bass for a tiny speaker.
Hard to find anything smaller that the Gallo Micro's. A fellow 'phile suggested changing the stock wire in the speakers to Cardas and they really shine! You'll need a sub to enjoy these, worth considering.
The Totem Model One Signature offers amazingly huge sound for a minimonitor. If your room can stand something a little bigger, check out the Totem Mani-2. Your ears won't believe the scope of sound from a stand-based monitor.
System Audio's SA2k is a pretty impressive performer. It uses customized scan-speak drivers somewhat similar to those used by Wilsons, for example (same driver "family"). Well worth a try in their size/price/performance range.
details at:
I heard the most amazing speakers the other day. They were called Royd Ministrel SE and looked ridiculously puny. They are floor standing, lean back a little, and can't be more than 20 inches tall by 8 inches wide. They had the most incredible soundstage and bass! I could not believe it at all. The dealer was laughing at me saying that no one can believe the sound coming from these little speakers sitting on the floor. They were very very cool.
totem mite indeed.
ATC actives.
The brittish excel at building small speakers. Few people over there have the space for large speakers, and monitors are a big industry. The Harbeths and Tannoys are examples.
There are a number already listed that I agree with. I tend to find the "bigger" size is an illusion created by credible bass. As such coupling small speakers with a great subwoofer will increase that illusion further. My office system uses Red Rose R-3 speakers that are isobarik loaded and thus produce far better bass (both deeper and well controlled) than a speaker this size should.
How about Verity Audio Parsifal Monitors? Not cheap but pretty amazing speakers.
Good moniker, 3chihuahuas. Can you stick a subwoofer in the corner? Then your other speakers will disappear with the proper set up.
Try the Mini utopias Jm Labs they are not cheap but they are
fast/ tight/ dynamic/and look great I really have enjoyed mine
The MM De CApo's
Perhaps Sonus Faber?
Second the decapo new version 5k speaker for 2k.The smaller the box the smaller the sound,physics you know.
Mirage MRM-1 Reference Monitor - great in a small room.
Perhaps the Piega C-2s, the Reference 3A Virtuosos, or the SF EA IIs (these are all rather spendy, mind you).
Disclaimer: I am a Talon Audio Dealer.

VERY good suggestions from everyone so far. Out of those mentioned so far, I really like Totem the best. Some that have not been mentioned yet that I also really like are: Talon Khite-C, Audes Studio, Vienna Acoustics Haydn, ProAc Tablette or Studio 100, and JM Reynaud Offrande or Trente.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio

Perhaps, you might want to check out my fourteen year old KEF Reference 102's. The 102 (which is how I am going to refer to them from here on out) is a small bookshelf two way monitor with a 6 1/2" mid bass driver with 1" tweeter. It provides a stable conjungate load to the amplifier that is driving them. And the impedence is 4 Ohms throughout the entire frequency band. They're rated to go from 65 Hz. to 20 Khz. without any assistance from the KUBE equalizer, and goes down to 45 Hz. with the KUBE in circuit. And the sound they deliver is awfully big from what is nothing more than to be small bookshelf speakers that you can either stand mount (which is how I have mine installed), or place onto a bookshelf. The sound is described as clear, open, precise, and neutral with plenty of resolution. They also present a huge soundstage with a respectable amount of depth (which is not always the case, because that depends on the quality of the recording), and the bass these things deliver is nothing short of astounding. The treble can be quite extended at times, but without overextending itself, and everything at those extremes and in between is blended together very nicely. The only knock I have with them is that sometimes, I may get a little crazy with the volume control on the GFP-750 when I have it set into the "active" mode. And when I do that, the 102's will let me know very quickly. They'll do that by emitting an annoying "popping" sound when either I have the volume control set too high or playing some material that have excesive amounts of deep bass, letting me know that I need to either turn down the volume or take the KUBE out of the circuit. So, it goes to say then that either playing these babies at lease breaking levels or at SPL's that approach those of a rock concert are out of the question. But appreciate them for what they are, then they can be a refined speaker system that while is suited for small scale works such as jazz ensembles, and vocals. But considering that I listen to R&B, and Rap and Hip-Hop, these speakers sound remarkably clear and accurate when I listen to this type of music on them as well. Surely, Vandersteen 2Ce's would be better for the type of music I listen (and I think that these will be my next speakers) to, but don't knock the little KEF's because they are small and a little more refined. I bought my 102's back in 1988, and I paid around $900.00 for them back then. If I were to get them brand new today, I'll be paying anywhere close to $1,500.00 to $1,600.00 for them. Anyway, I'm glad I bought mine when I did, and do I regret my decision to buy these speakers??? Well, fourteen years later, I would say "not".

Revel M20s. BIG sound, and oh so beautiful. Great bottom end extension for this baby.
The older Celestion models... Ditton 100's sound great. And the models from the late 80's- early 90's perform well, and play much larger than they appear. Celestion 3, if I recall sounded good, with LF extension beyond belief. Look into the Cantons from the same era.

Good luck on your quest.
B&W Signature 805.
Check out the ProAc reference 8 sig. This mini monitor can produce big soundstage if driven by the right power amp. Power required should be around 100W but it depends on the size of your listening room. Good luck.
Revel M20 is the best sound I've heard from a monitor. Definitely on my wish list, without a doubt!
Thank you everyone for your inputs. There are some very good suggestions. I guess I should have made my question a little clearer. My current speakers are the Dynaudio 3.3. I want to stay with about the same size but I am looking for bigger sound, like the one you can find from speakers like Wilson Slam, Nearfield Acoustics, Wisdom Audio, and etc. Is this achievable or the law of physical doesn't allow for such things. You can suspect that I like to listen to my music loud.
Spendors are legendary for having a vast,open, soundstage...they really do have a deep, spacious quality to them...maybe not the best for extremely loud listening...but I would opt for accuracy and transparency over volume...they are one of the few box speakers that can compete with planars and stats...and they dont sound thin in the midrange....
what are you using as for an amp? The 3.3's will sound huge when you throw enough power at them.
I am currently running Classe CA-300.
Poorguy, B&W 805s are not my speakers for life, BUUUTTTT, that said, these diminutive units reward every upgrade I make. All the components in my system cost 2-3 times more than these speakers, including my cables.

With the right front end they are capable of BIG, detailed, harmonically rich orchestral sound. However, beware the front end that isn't up to the task.
Before you make a purchase. You absolutely MUST check out the PMC TB2's. 3 foot box with a 2.5 meter transmission line which offers lower bass extension. Speakers are also very neutral. Many of the the professional studios use PMC. The TB2 from what I hear were used for quality control on many motion pictures like Titanic and Independance Day. Check out there website link below under "user list" to see who also uses these speakers.
I was about to purchase a pair of B&W 805's and in my opinion these TB2 walked all over them, when I spent quite a few hours at my local dealer testing them both. I'm currently waiting for mine to arrive.

Good Luck in your search,
Judit, pricewise, N805 only cost 1/13 of my total system including record player. That's why I appreciate N805's performance very much.
The keyword here is the "Littliest" box. Have you heard the Tannoy mercury M1's? This tiny speaker is a bit taller than a regular magazine and smaller in width (300 x 170 x 210mm (11.8 x 6.7 x 8.3in)). Another tiny one is Dynaudio Audience 42 (11.1" x 6.7" x 9.7" (282 x170 x 246 mm)).
You might want to consider the Wilson Benesch Discovery. It's a fairly small monitor but the stand is integrated, as it is an important part of this speaker's design. So, I don't know, if that qualifies as 'little box' for you.
With regard to sound quality, I haven't heard too many monitors to compare them with, but regardless of size and price this is one of the finest speakers I've ever heard. No colorations, seamless integration of drivers, impressive bass due to isobaric loading (no need for a subwoofer) and wonderfully musical. They are a little bit out of my price range (8k, and they never show up used), otherwise I'd ditch my VirgoII for them.
"Big speaker sound?" Hummmm...that one might have to be quantified more for me. If you're refering to a bigger speaker as sounding more"full, "weighty", and "authoritive" in the bass reigion, then that's one thing. I've certainly heard speakers that offer a MUCH BIGGER SOUND(potentially, considering good room acoustics and set up) in terms of soundstage, than others!(refering to pair) Infact My older SF electa Amators and MInima Amators produced a HUGE SOUNDSTAGE in a proper set up! The sound was "bigger" than what you'd get from most any speaker, regardless of size! That Dynaudio Essotar 330 tweeter produced as much detail and life as most anything I've heard!
So, when you say "big" I'm just not sure what's being infered.
Also, I'd submit that tiny speakers, even if they have better than average bass response(if that's what's being refered to), will still need a powered sub somewhere to pull off the "full range thing" properly...otherwise you've got a limited aplication monitor...if that's what you're after.(which for some applications is ok) That said, if you're after a monitor that produces a big sound(probably refering to size of soundstage) within its respective frequency response, and you add a well set up woofer somewhere,you should have some overall "big sound"!
Of the "tiny" monitors out there, I have a hard time finding "a pair" that produce a HUGE SOUNDSTAGE personally. You might consider doing multiple minimonitors in a multi channel set up for that.
I would bet that if someone could build a smalle speaker cabinet to house a dynaudio Essotar 330 tweeter and high end 4" driver, and integrate a proper crossover(challenging?), you'd have HUGE SOUNDING MONITORS when mated with some well set up good bass woofer(s)!!!
Quad 12L...and real bass to boot...I cant get that excited about any monitor that barely does 60 hz...go full range...or dont go at all...
Role Audio makes an amazing sounding very small speaker. It is about 6"x6"x6". The sound is very real and natural. It has a single driver and no cross over. Very interesting loudspeaker.
Third for the De Capos... if you're looking for a small speaker with impressive bass response and that can handle a good deal of power. 300 Watts is overkill, obviously, (I'm assuming your Classes is 300 watts) but the De Capo can play loud and full. See my system--I'm using 150 watts, and the speaker doesn't even blink.
However, if you want deep bass repsonse (solid response under 40 hz), no small speaker will do it. Look into subwoofers. If space is an issue, take a look at the Virtual Bass Technologies subwoofers ( They are remarkably small. There is a review on Absolute Sound's site.
You know Bose has made a killing with their rather aweful sounding but cleverly engineered an marketed "cube" systems over the years. I know that set up appeals to many who want to get the gear out of the sight lines, and ditch the idea of boxes on the floor also. I've heard the likes of Gallo's and even Ergo's, and those seem to go in the right dirrection, if not being perfect sounding. Still, the Ergo's are a great product IMO.
I wish Thiel would do something small like those or the Gallo's, using their tremendously good sounding mid/tweet coax driver they use in their 2.4 speakers!!!!...only let it play down to about 125hz at least! Then, you could get a fast little sub to mate with em! If they could pull that off, the sound surely could potentially be the best sounding little speaker offering out there, ya think?
Now I know there's more to making great souding speaks than just using good parts. But I can't imagine why that wouldn't be possible! Infact, marketed properly, if the design was a success, I would think they could rule the speaker market for years to come!
Red Rose Rosebuds $3,500.
WELL?? What did you get? Still looking/listening?
The Druid 2 from Zu cable has a 1' square footprint, and is a floor standing speaker. It has a 10" driver and a 1" tweater. These speakers set up a huge soundstage, with IMHO unmatched dynamics.
KRK V4 active speakers 9"H x 6"W x 7 3/4"D.
They are very transparent, not harsh, and more dynamic than you will get from a passive design. I don't think I've ever heard speakers separate voices singing in harmony as well as these. The one exception being Khorus speakers.
They are made as nearfield monitors and sound may not be focused enough for some people in the farfield. This wasn't a problem for me however.
Sure Paradigm Atoms have bass but it's underdampened and not very musical. You won't find any audiophile magazines review such a monitor probably because it puts most audiophile stuff to shame.
And they're made in the US!!!!
Here's a review:
KRK V4 review
Here's another review:
V4 review #2
Here's another review:
V4 review #3

V4 for sale new:

Guitar Center is a national chain and also carries KRK.

Here's the larger V6/V8 for sale:
Could've had a V8
Does anyone tried about dynaudio craffts? it is amazing...i think it one one of the best monitor with very good low ...
That would be the Green Mountain Europas for sure.
They can rock a 20x20x12 room no problem. And they
sound phenomenal. 45 lb each, cast marble.
Less than $900.
NSM model 5 is 8" tall, bass to 35hZ at -10dB:
NSM model 5
The upscale version is Role Audio Kayak:
"... they were shocking in their ability to fill my moderately sized 12' x 16' room with sound..."