Biggest selling Vinyl album in the US in 2008 was?

Radiohead's 'In Rainbows', which shifted 25,800 copies.
And according to a recent Los Angeles Times article, music downloads topped 1 billion in 2008.

I recently made a pact with my daughter that instead of downloading cds, which she does regularly, she will buy the physical media. She can load it to her Mac and then I'll keep the cd in storage for her. Win win.
Timrhu - What's the point of having her buy the physical media? We might look down our noses at downloads, but we're never going to stop them. Might as well let the kid have at it.
Grimace, well if her hard drive ever craps she'll have access to the music. Also, we like a lot of the same music so I can enjoy it while holding it for her.