Biggest "Bang for the Buck" in an AES/EBU cable

I will need to purchase an AES/EBU digital cable to connect a Behringer 2496 from a GW Labs DSP. I have little experience with balanced digital cables as I have never had a balanced digital connection in any of my systems. Have performed a search in the Agon archives with little info found. Can anyone suggest an AES/EBU cable with a good Price Vs Performance ratio? I often shop the used market, therefore, used would be an option as well as new. TIA.
I no longer use a DAC, but I have a Cardas AES/EBU cable that is about as good as it gets.
The Best Biggest "Bang for the Buck" I have ever heard is the Stealth Varidig. It is also the AES/EBU cable that made the Buck Stop Here, & just enjoy the music. You could spend a lot more, & get a LOT LESS!

Good Luck, as A/B'ing Digital Cables is the least fun of interconnect, speaker cable evaluations! Listening for which offers better micro-dynamics is where you could loose your mind, & your wallet!
I have always been partial to the Apogee Wyde Eye. 100 ohm cable in the AES/EBU configuration. Cost is about 40.00 for 1 meter.
Please add a LAT INTERNATIONAL...DI20mkII to your short list

This cable is Neutral, Dynamic, and VERY Life Like Sounding.

Can you buy a better digital? Yes you can. Can you buy a better digital cable at $149 (plus small upcharge for Neutrics)....

"I doubt it very much."

I also have 3 PAD Dominus digitals IC's which yield slightly better low level detail, and sound stage, probably due to the massive shielding.

The Dommy's will also transfer much more money, quicker ($1500) from you bank to theirs.

Disclaimer...I do not work for, repesent, or related to anyone at LAT.
The Kimber Orchid has been the most sought after cable for years, I use to own one and it was sweet. Most of the high end critics have agreed this is the best interconnect. 1.5 meter is the recommended length for a digital cable. (Something to do with clocking the signal) If you find a 1.5m Kimber Orchid buy it. I sold my Veridig Cable after securing one a few years back. I had two big systems back then and ended up breaking one down to buy a house. I currently use a cable that cost 3 times as much but would go back to the orchid no problem if I had too.
In terms of bang for the buck I second the vote for Apogee Wyde Eye