Biggest Live Miss 23 years ago today............

Today 23 years ago in Berlin the band I most regret never seeing live in their original form played their last ever gig.
Their name was Led Zeppelin.
What band or artist from any era do you most regret missing seeing live?
Velvet Underground, The Doors, Bob Marley, Otis Redding. I've seen almost everyone else I wanted to -- Stones in '72 and at least five times since, The Dead, also in '72 and many times since, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who in the early 70's and a few more times, CSN&Y, Dylan with The Band and without, Pink Floyd in the early 70's, Cream, Janis Joplin, Peter Tosh, etc. etc., so I don't have too many regrets. I still have all my ticket stubs, too.
I missed the Talking Heads Stop Making Sense tour in Chapel Hill. I was working 70 hours a week on a major consulting project 2 hours away and had just been to Chapel Hill the night before to see The Clash... After only 2 hours sleep and 10 hours work, I was unable to make the drive the second night.
Missed Zeppelin tour due to Bonham death.

Missed The Who's FIRST farewell tour due to HS Basketball Regionals, missed the NEXT farewell tour due to a college calculus final, which I nearly failed anyway. Oh well, so many farewell tours followed that I have only myself to blame.

A girl I took around alot in college wanted to take me to see the Tom Tom Club in a small club but I begged off(No romance, alas, she just liked having a really big guy around to drag her out of all of the interesting things she got herself into.) That would have been fun, but I didn't realize it until later. I was a genuine redneck.

The band I always wanted to see was Skynyrd, but I was too young before the plane crash. Saw the remnants later.
Rolling Stones in 1966 at the Mosque Theatre in Newark, NJ. This was the Brian Jones pop hits era when the Stones were an exciting band - not the bloated "corporate rock" stadium thing that they are now.
David Bowie on the "Station to Station" tour @ The Philadelphia Spectrum (1976, I believe), and Roxy Music @ The Uptown Theater in Chicago (1979). Good friends offered me gratis tickets to both shows. I cannot recall what specific "better things to do" forced me to politely decline their invitations on those nights.