Biggest LCD Panel?

Currently, what is the biggest LCD flat panel [not DLP] monitor or TV available? Someone said that there is a 60", but I thought that only plasmas were that large.
Sharp makes a 65" and someone (Barco I think) makes a Huge screen (don't know size) that was listed on eBay for $180K.
How does an 82 inches LCD sound.? See Link that also has its own link to a 102 inch plasma..
You can't get the 102 inch plasma yet, but they can sell you their 80 inch plasma for $45,000
I saw a Sharp 65" LCD in Japan, was listed for about $15,000 USD. Not sure if it's available in the states, but I bet eventually it will. Also saw the 65" Panny plasma there for around $8k USD.
The Sharp LD65D90U is currently available in the US market which is a 65” 1920x1080 flat LCD3 panel. Sony and Samsung displayed an 82” 1080P flat LCD at CES this year. No information at this point on release date.