Biggest difference between Audioquest power cables against Shunyata power cables?

Hi everyone I upgraded/ bought another couple of power cables for my system. A Audioquest nrg1000 for my tube preamp and A Zitron alpha analog for my tube power amp. Though the imaging is better with the two power cables switched. I also did notice that it seams that shunyata gives a bit more juice in the power amp. And the cord end dose not heat up at the cord end to the tube power amp? Has anyone experienced or has a nrg-1000 in a 120watt tube power amplifier?
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To my ears,  Shunyata has always sounded overly dead and damped sonically.  Audioquest are good with better clarity and tone.  My preferences are MIT Oracle or Transparent PLMM2!  Kimber PK10 is also musical and does a great job of increasing  dynamics and contrast by lowering the noise floor and eliminating noise artifacts.
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what gear is in your system?
My gear is a Cary Cad 120s power amp, a Cary slap-98p with phono, Cary Sacd 303t pro, totem acoustic forest speakers, and kimber silver streak inter connects. And a shunyata zitron viper for my CD player, zitron alpha analog for my power amp, and audioquest nrg1000 for my pre.

The only and biggest problem
I’m having with shunyata is on my CD player. That female artists such as Airiana Grande or Diana krall or Partrica Barbor And other artists like them seam to shreek or are way to bright. and this only happens through my CD player. Such as vynil shunyata works marvellously. But when I have the audioquest nrg1000 to my power amp it’s solves the problem. Though I lose a lot of bass and low end devinition. So I was thinking of getting a alpha HC. And maybe it might solve the problem? I don’t really want to spend that much money unless it totally solves the problem. Though I haven’t tried out any of there venom digital, I doubt It will solve the problem.
Any other suggestions or thoughts?
Very nice! jake

I want one of those Cary SACD spinners. How long have you owned the 303t ?
I have owned it for 3 years now, and I think it needs a good cleaning too.

I think the issue of heated plug comes from Gauge  no. of AQ-NRG1000 pc which is like 12 or 14 and it is best suited to be used with CD player or Preamps.  Shunyata ZiTron Alpha (analog and HC!) is 10 Awg and is made for Power amps usage. There is Digital version of Shunyata ZiTron Alpha (higher gauges) for CD palyers or DACs.

Once I used two Shunyata ZiTron Sigma PC and wasn't impressed because of lack on extended HF, Mids were like kind of upper bass influenced and bass was not well defined as well.  On their AC plugs, Shunyata uses Tellurium Copper as Base Metal and Nickel plated which is the worse case scenario in term of current conductivity and frequency integration. They use stranded wires instead of solid copper wire as conductors. Besides, they use a kind of inside "filtering circuit"! which could unbalance the sound based on what is the whole system configuration it is, like power conditioner, AC outlet, internal power supply of each preamp or amp.

I tried AQ-NRG-10 which was somehow better than Zitron Sigma. I guess NRG-1000 should be much better in term of resolution and extended frequency because it uses Solid copper wires and Silver plated over pure copper ac plugs. NRG-1000 would be a good candidate with tube gears. After trying dozen of different brands, I decided to make my own Power cords (all solid copper wires!) which I am very happy with. However, I am soooo tempted to try NRG-1000 on my Eisntein phono preamp or CD player.

Hope that would help,

Jakecanada hi,

did you come to some conclusion?
Did you try Shunyata Sigma HC, or Alpha HC over AQ NRG1000?

I am interested, as I am fan of Shunyata and Audioquest alike.
Technically speaking, Audioquest draw me in by materials used (silver plated terminations, and high purity copper wires + DBS and various shielding and dielectric combinations), and Shunyata draw me in by Cealing Gabriel common sense and scientific approach in making future (in spite of using strange metals, which have lower conductivity then gold, a lot of users report superiority over other products).

Currently I use AQ NRG1000 and AQ NRG10, as well as older Shunyata Taipan and Copperhead PC.

I have AQ Wel PC (newest version), I will check to see if the terminals are hot to the touch.
I just did a dealer demo today with nrg1000 for the cd player and preamp and a shunyata alpha anolog for the Cary power amp. I had the best made match in heaven never going back and the amp never loss of power at all.
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