Biggest bang for buck headphones removed really?

Just would like to know why threads even directly related being entirely removed. I can admit some posts removed, but entire thread directly related? Hmmm! 
You really suck, Audiogon.

Yeah, I noticed it too. I wouldn't call them names just yet though. It would be nice if they provided some explanation, but then again who are we to deserve this, right?
I sort of liked that thread...I'm always interested in opinions and recommendations on headphones.  I don't recall reading content that I thought was off key or that was offensive to anyone.  Hmm, might be a mistake on Audiogon's part.  Let's give them first opportunity to explain before rushing to judgment.
What's news from female hunting squad?
There's no more food left we must leave the Pride Rock!
I won't leave the Pride Rock!
Than you've sentenced us all to death!
I'm the KING, I can do whatever I want!
Or that scene from Quest For Fire, where the tribe is left shivering wet and cold because their fire keeper lost the flame, so the leader and a couple of sidekicks go on the quest.  Clearly, new technology was needed. And by golly the woman showed them!
...and now, back to the topic. I think that Audiogon removes threads that include specific references to other websites. Also, they remove (and I don't fault them for this) threads that purport to ask for help in selling popular things like record collections. Those are simply thinly-veiled schemes to solicit offers from Audiogon members to circumvent the normal process of selling items and paying a commission. Those are really ads that belong on no-fee websites.  
Heaven forbid audiogon may lose a few bucks in fees.
Dang yo, Does THAT mean that or or other dot coms not be discussed praised or critisized? WOW!  
For fun I started a new
I thought the term "websites" was clear enough, but I never meant headfi, or headphone .com. It was a reference to websites that sell audio equipment, like e**y or cr******st. That should have been obvious. It was to me!