Biggest bang: add Behringer or replace CDP?

My system consists of a Marantz CD63SE, Classé CAP 151 integrated and Maggie 1.6 speakers, in a 30' x 20' room. In the never-ending search for increased musicality at no more than moderate volume, which of the following two options will provide the biggest improvement: add a Behringer DEQ 2496 equalizer or upgrade the CDP? If the latter, I am open to suggestions for (new or used) players under $1200 US.

Many thanks.
As you present yr case, it's better to improve the cdp. The Behringer is a useful tool -- but better adapted to other applications.

Maybe an Enjoy (written Ah Njoe or something) which is a modded marantz for ~1000 would be a good choice. There are certainly others.
Alternatively, an add-on device may serve -- such as a jitter reducer (this guymakes one that's reputedly good -- but I've never listened to it. It's expensive (but cheaper than a new cdp).
I second the CDP.
It's not even a contest. The Behringer will have much more of a positive improvement on your sound. Also the dac in it is the AKM 4393 which isn't bad. I seriously doubt the other two posters have used one. In my dedicated and fully treated listening room which is LEDE with 4 large bass traps the improvement is MAJOR. My system consists of:
Krell KRC-3 preamp
Sony DVD player
Bel Canto Dac 1
Vmps RM 40 speakers and a Vmps sub
If you do some research on room acoustics you'll learn that a room response of plus or minus 15 db is average. This is a huge swing in amplitude. Once this is tamed the realism and enjoyjment is much higher. No more weird effects from harmonics whose amplitude is much higher or lower than the base frequency. This is stuff that will hit you immediately. Use the dac in the DEQ 2496 and then get a better dac down the road if you like. I used the stock dac for a while and enjoyed music immensely and have read others do the same. To put it in perspective, one newer cd player with a better analogue section and dac couldn't possibly match what a DEQ 2496 can do. For 300 including a microphone I'd rate it as the bargain of the decade. Do some more research on room acoustics.
I don't think that your question is easy to answer not having heard your room. I have owned a cd63se cd player and you can do much, much better now. The Marantz isn't a bad player, but you will be amazed at how much better cd playback can sound with a better digital rig. That said, most listeners severely underestimate the effect a rooms' characteristics have on what they hear. In addition to the problems Warnerwh addresses, problems that diffusion & echo absorbtion address also severely hamper your systems' potential. I haven't heard the DEQ2496, but what I have read makes it sound like a bargain improvement. My only concern about the Behringer is the fact that it's a cheap, mass produced item from a company with a spotty at best reputation for reliability and customer service. When I researched the DEQ2496 and other similar products, I was taken aback by the reliabilty problems Behringer has.
I hadn't noticed your 1200 dollar budget. With the extra money you could get a Bel Canto Dac 2, Benchmark or any number of other dacs that are truly excellent. That combination is you best bet in my opinion. Even if you're very lucky to have a room that is much better than average, say plus or minus 10db swings(this would be rare), I think my suggestion would offer you the most bang per buck. With the Marantz as a transport and a truly excellent dac you get a DEQ 2496 as a bonus.
The DEQ 2496 will make an amazing improvement to any system because, as your equipment becomes better and better the listening room becomes the dominant flaw. Even if you don't pass your signal through it, and use it only as a RTA, it's worth the $300. No reliability problem with my two units.
As usual Warren , your thoughtful useful and extensive answers are enlightning to many of us who shop for studied opinions on the Gon . Its great members like you that keep many of us here and not completely engulfed at the Asylum . Thanks again !
I guess you already know all the good things about DEQ2496. It is a also a very good DAC. If you are a tinkering type, the Behringer will give you the most enjoyment and you may even like its DAC over your CDP.

For $1,200, Benchmark DAC1 or TRL/Sony 2000 would represent higher level of sound reproduction, in two different flavors.

Good luck.
Brainwater: You're welcome. I just want to help and in this case I know by much experience that my opinion is more than likely the right one. After looking at your system I noticed that you have several which are very nice but nothing to help with this same issue. Try a Tact or even this Behringer, wait til you hear what you can do. I think you'll be impressed. After I tried it I wondered what the heck I had been waiting for and would have happily paid full retail as it's worth every penny. I now consider having a digital signal processor like this a necessity.
The Behringer DEQ2496 will make a wonderful improvement to your system. The AKM dac offers good sound quality out of the analog out. I highly suggest an additional Behringer unit to be placed in front of the DEQ. The SRC2496 is a jitter unit that allows resampling to 24/96. The SRC should be considered a swiss army knife of digital products. It can also convert S/PDIF rca to AES/EBU xlr and visa versa. Highly recommended combo.