Bigger drivers = bigger soundstage

Ideally, I don’t like to be aware of a speakers location in a room and like having sound being well centered for tv/movie listening.  I have two listening rooms and the one with larger drivers (older) fills room so much better vs better speakers (newer) with smaller drivers.  Room acoustics favor larger driver speakers.  
Seems dispersion is better.  The larger driver speakers do not image as well but very enjoyable to listen too. 
So now I am upgrading the smaller driver speakers to better and larger driver speakers and it follows a larger speaker cabinet also occurs.

all speakers herein are from same manuf. 
This is the journey.  Different gear and rooms and positioning... And.... Achieve different things.  I just set up my first near field desk system and am loving it for what it is. :-)
It really depends on the manufacture. If you go with cheaper speakers like what millercarbon is talking about, then possibly cheaper larger drivers might be better. With Your better speakers, you can get down to the lower 20hz with multiple 8” drivers which also give you a large soundstage. For example: look at your Raidho and Revel reference speakers. IMO, before you look at driver sizes, make sure your room and front end equipment are able to give you what your speakers are designed to do
you have two choices, flavorize and pick a combination of distortions you like = cat chasing tail......

pistonic motion

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My previous favorite speakers were Silverline Preludes that had a D’Appolito array with 3.75" woofers and around 90db efficiency...soundstage was superb. Now my 12" woofed Klipsch Heresy pair image beautifully. It’s the design of the speaker that counts, not the driver size.