Big upgrade with stand alone transport???

Hi all,
If I was to look for a transport instead of a cd player i AM CURRENTLY USING A AMC CD6 into a theta dac with a Monarchy DIP...what would a transport offer ? Is it worth consideration>? Money is not a great friend of mine so this is an important question for me....thank you
for what it is worth I feel my budget would dictate $500
new or used....happy holidays
Is there something that you feel is missing with your current front end setup?
What digital cable are you using. That may be the first palce to start and maybe get rid of the DIP.

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I have listened to your setup some years back, by coincidence, and if you can get a modest cost/great performance digital cable like Auricle Audio Design Encore Signature IC on the occasional auction on Audiogon you can extract more performance from your gear.
I have been favorably impressed that the Monarchy DIP is beneficial, but have always run what have been considered more expensive digital IC's in a higher end system compared to what you listed for yourself. Then, unexpectedly, the Auricle product did the best for the least cost, a special "find" among the myriad of digital IC offerings on Audiogon.
As far as whether you will hear a transport upgrade, if you can pick up a used JVC XL-Z1050 CDP on Audiogon then you will have a versatile upgrade, either played as one box solution, or used as transport.
There is in your future a better DAC when you read about the new wave of realistically priced (within your budget :>) outboard DAC's such as the Scott Nixon DAC's on
In conclusion, as Bigkidz posted, consider starting with better digital IC that will play well with any level of equipment.
I feel some hash could be reduced, just not sure what a transport does...if it is a better signal becaue of less parts in the signal path and wanted to know if a stand alone would generally be an expected substantial improovment, I am using Cardass HEXLINK AND MODSQUAD wONDERLINK for the wire from transport and from the DIP
thanks for any ideas
I know this sounds like a broken record.You really should try a NON OS DAC.A NON OS DAC has a roll off at 22Khz of 3 dB.This isn't a bad thing either.All that unnecessary hash that's not needed is filtered out.It makes it much easier to concentrate more on the music. I hear no roll off as we humans don't generally hear above 17 or 18 khz.What I hear is a denser midrange as images seem to have more solidity. Here check out this review of the Scott Nixon Tubed Dac/3AX power supply..Dont skimp on the power supply either! Your looking for tonal balance..I'll take tonal balance over stratospheric frequency range any day..There was a time when I chased the super extention..all I got was fatigue and hash.
Thanks alot guys and happy holidays!