Big upgrade

I just installed a projector in the "media room" portion of our finished basement. By doing this, I was able to ged rid of the 50" plasma that sat between my speakers. WOW, what an upgrade! The soundstage exploded in all directions. Most noticeably, depth. It makes sense that removing a large, acoustically reflective rectangle from the middle of the speakers would make a difference, I just wasn't expecting such a huge difference.
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I have a 58" Plasma between my speakers that is not going anywhere for a long time.
And my wife most certainly does not want to hear this!
(Thankfully the plasma does sit back a few feet behind the plane of the speaker faces so it only partially messes up the imaging depth.)

So where was the TV relative to the plane of the speakers? I have a 42" plasma between my speakers, but it is about two feet behind. I have it as close to the wall as I can get it. Since I have a small room anything to improve the size of the image would be welcome! Always could try moving it, but it is an awkward beast to move.
I have a similar problem in that there is a large glass framed print in between my speakers. My next project will be to install a pull string drape rod above the glass frame and simply close the set of drapes when I listen to music. That may or may not work for you.
No doubt. I bought a bed comforter from BB&B that I drape over the screen of my 73" DLP to kill the reflection. I'd prefer a projector, but I have "room issues."
The tv was about 1 1/2 feet behind the speakers.

I had tried putting a comforter over the tv and it did make a difference, but it was a small difference. That's why I wasn't expecting any significant change by removing the tv. Boy was I wrong.
Big deal dude.

It is a big deal for some of us who haven`t reached your sonic apptiude.

In your case, however, your maturity level has room to grow by leaps and bounds.


I agree 100%. When we pulled out the box TV and went to a big LCD there was an improvement. But going to a projector was a HUGE improvement across the board.

I was initially worried about reflections on the big screen, but the material acted more like a nice room treatment.

Here's a stylized shot of the setup.

thank you, captain
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Thanks Ecruz. This is great information. My LCD sits to the left side of the left speaker at an angle. I cover it with a blanket when I'm serious about listening and it does help but I have no idea how it would sound if the TV wasn't there at all. I do however consider moving the TV but it would still be at a reflective point in my room.
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Take a look at my system pics. The two acoustic panals leaning on the screen make a significant difference with the soundstage in the room. The front of the speakers are five feet in front of the screen!

Actually I think I could do better.

Having a big refelctive surface in the middle of your speakers is not ideal for soundstage effects.
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I've been told that one would get a big improvement by placing an acoustic panel in front of a big screen while just listening. Haven't done it yet but it seems to make sense.
Somebody correct me if I`m wrong, but to get decent depth staging, your speakers have to be at least 3-5 ft. from ANYTHING in the rear.
Ecuz, sorry for screwing up our thread. You brought up an interesting point.
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You are right i had a 27 inch Trinitron. Next to my left speaker than i upgraded to a 32 Flat Screen Sony on a Perless wall bracklet.The Perless is the best this bracket moves in and out up or down up to 3 feet.When i got this bracket my stage and imaging on my left speaker got MUCH better.Thanks very much guys and very good luck with your systems.
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