big thanks on audiogon TRANSPORT purchase

When someone treats you really well, you want to pass it on.
I recently upgraded my transport on audigon and couldn't be happier.

I wanted to say thanks to Sean for suggesting the TEAC Vs-10 transport that was on audiogon last month. Sean was looking to pick it up for his own second system and called my attention to it. This transport is FABULOUS, it's basically the WADIA full fledged transport with better ergonomics.Sean gave me first dibs on it, I really appreciate that, it works great in my system!

I'd also like to thank Kyle who sold this unit, he referred me to teac and I was able to order a remote for it. A real splendid piece. The resolving power is so much more refined than my Cal Icon I was using for a transport.

thanks a lot to both of you
you make audiogon proud!

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do you have anyway to contact esoteric? i need to have a transport repaired. they make great transports.i am using another right now.
Tom, while i should have snagged it for myself : ), i'm glad it worked out for you and is what you were looking for. It's always good to help someone out and even better when everyone is pleased with the results : ) Hopefully, it will provide reliable performance and good listening for a long time to come. Sean

PS... What digital cable are you using with that one now ?

the digital cable is that z cable that Ric Shultz of EVS is selling with the Millenium dac. I have heard that the Acoustic Zen digital cable is fabulous and plan on auditioning it in my system when my local shop gets more in.

ps, I'll keep my eyes open for another Teac transport for you Sean.

thanks again