Big sub-woofer sitting on carpet HELP

That's right I have a big sub-woofer (Velodyne HGS 15) sitting on a carpeted slab floor. I'm thinking I should set it up on some points and maybe top load it with say 20 lbs. of lead shot. Any one agree? Disagree? Have any better suggestions? Let’s talk turkey:~)
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Hard to tell. Did it come with legs or whatever?? I have a REL Q100E in my HT system. It is a cube that was designed to sit on the floor. It has a place to screw in spikes on the bottom, but REL and the US importer Sumiko who I checked with said that unless I had an over active floor that was very boomy in its own right, to not use spikes or other feet. Check with Velodyne or a dealer you trust.
I have a Velodyne also, and I added four screw in audio points which definitely improved its sound over the four little rubber feet that are attached by one small nail each. This was done in my dedicated sound room located in my basement, concrete floor, carpeted. I purchased the mega points used on Audiogon and have four extra, email me if you're interested. I can't recall the name brand at the moment however if you are interested I could check when I get home.
I had a big Velodyne and had problems with boomyness and intergration. Under the advice of my local hifi store I put it on a six inch stand. WOW! What a difference. It cleaned up the sound and made it blend a lot better. I put it on a box but if you like the sound there are small stands out there that also look good.
What have I been smoking? This piece does have 4 tiny feet on it. I never noticed them till I flipped the amp up to have a look. Hmmm what to do now? I'm not saying I'm not happy. I just wonder if I could be happier:~)
I have the same woofer and I had an unfortunate accident with some brass spikes that I installed. Or may it was the 40 lbs. of lead shot that I laid inside the cabinet. Anywise, I drilled the bottom of the cabinet and screwed in some inserts and then screwed in the cone spikes. One day I was positioning and I didn't lift enough and it ripped one of the spikes out with a chunk of the bottom. As I looked at the material that they used to make the cabinet it resembles crunched up cardboard. It is probably great for sound deadening but terrible for supporting spikes and 110 lbs. of speaker. I repaired the damage with marine resin and bought a set of three huge Maple Shade spikes that have three small spikes on top. They have worked fantastic and I highly recommend them. But bypass the drill and inserting of threaded spikes. Dale
Hello Glen!
I have a Sunfire sub that I have welded a "cradle" for with 4 spiked feet to penetrate the carpet with. I also added another small home made wooden box with 40 lbs of lead shot sealed inside to sit on top of the sub. The combination of the 2 has done wonders for my otherwise not-so-musical sounding home theatre system. It tightens up the bass and makes the sub integrate far better with my other speakers.
The best $30 I ever spent on audio by a long shot!
Glen, are you having a hard time "integrating" the sub with the rest of the system or are you just in the mood to "tweak" ? Sean
Sean, You know how it is. Your sitting on the couch looking at your system thinking, I wonder what would happen if I did this that or the other. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm leaning towards the spikes with some top loading. Where does one aquire lead shot anyway? I'm going to check into the Maple Shade product. I'd rather not drill if I don't have to. Please excuse when I said amp in my second post.
You can get lead shot at a reloading supply for reloading shotgun shells. But you must be careful with lead especially if you have kids or small critters because lead is toxic. I sealed up the burlap sacks that the lead shot comes in with wax, ZipLoc's and duct tape. After I had done all this I realized that I should have just bought steel shot. But it worked awesome. You do not need to drill for the Maple Shade spikes because the sub will sit on the three small spikes on top. Those are awesome improvements. You can go view them at their web site. These are massive HUMUNGOUS cones. Dale
I agree with Mcne, except that steel shot is magnetic, not always a great idea on top of speakers with magnets. If you cannot find lead shot at a shooting supply, try finding it at a dive shop.

Dive lead for scuba, is coated in copper to conform to current laws about water safety. Completely non toxic and still non magnetic.
OH Yea! That is a major point. It is magnetic. Bad choice. But I wonder if it would tailor the sound in , oh never mind. Dale
Thanks everyone. I'll let you know how it turns out. happy gobble gobble tomorrow:~)